Tennessee Bill to Exempt Certain Older Vehicles from Emissions Tests Signed Into Law

Legislation (H.B. 688) to exempt vehicles more than 25-years old from the state’s annual emissions inspection and maintenance program was signed into law by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.  To qualify for the exemption, these vehicles must be registered as “antique motor vehicles.”  Antique vehicles are defined  as over 25-years old with a non-modified engine and body that is used for club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, and similar uses as a collector's item; on the highways for the purpose of selling, testing the operation of, or obtaining repairs or maintenance; and for general transportation on Saturday and Sunday.

Previous law in Tennessee only exempted vehicles manufactured before the 1975 model year from emissions inspection.  The new law provides for a rolling emissions inspection exemption that would exempt qualifying antique vehicles upon enactment and would pick up an additional model year for each year the law is in effect.  

Thank you and congratulations to all who participated in supporting this bill!