Bill to Expand Use of Antique Vehicles Introduced in Tennessee

Legislation (S.B. 921 and H.B. 985) has been introduced in the Tennessee State Legislature by Senator Paul Stanley ( and Representative Steve McManus ( that would amend the state’s current law defining antique motor vehicles to permit use of these vehicles for general transportation purposes.  Under current Tennessee law, use of antique vehicles is strictly limited to club activities, exhibits, tours and for general transportation only on Saturday and Sunday.     
We Urge You to Contact Your Tennessee Senate and House Transportation Committee Members to Support S.B. 921 and H.B. 985.
  • S.B. 921 and H.B. 985 will give Tennessee citizens the opportunity to enjoy the occasional weekday pleasure drive in their antique vehicles and acknowledge the immeasurable time, money and thought automotive hobbyists, especially antique vehicle owners, invest in their cars. 
  • S.B. 921 and H.B. 985 encourage owners of qualifying vehicles 25-years old and older to appropriately register as “antiques” and not as “daily drivers.” 
  • S.B. 921 and H.B. 985 acknowledge the fact that many antique vehicles are insured under policies that already limit their use, require regular use vehicles for each household member with a driver’s license, and are required to be stored in a locked and enclosed garage.