Rhode Island Introduces Bill to Substantially Raise Registration Fees for Antique Motor Vehicles


DON’T DELAY!  Please voice your Opposition for H.B. 5765 immediately from All Members of the Rhode Island House Finance Committee by emailing now:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • In Rhode Island, an antique motor vehicle is any motor vehicle that is more than 25- years old.
  • In Rhode Island, for motor vehicles with a gross weight not more than 4,000 lbs., the annual registration fee is $30.00. For vehicles with a gross weight more than 4,000 lbs., but not more than five thousand pounds, the fee is $40.00.  More than 5,000 lbs., but not more than 6,000 lbs., the fee is $48.00.  More than 6,000 lbs., but not more than 7,000 lbs., the fee is $56.00, etc.
  • H.B. 5765 makes no special exception for antique hobby cars that constitute a small portion of the vehicle fleet, are infrequently operated on public roadways and deserving of lower registration fees.    

Overview: Legislation (H.B. 5765) has been introduced in Rhode Island to require owners of antique motor vehicles to register them at an increased annual fee based upon the vehicle’s weight.  Currently, antique vehicles are registered for a fee of $5.  The bill will be considered by the House Finance Committee.