Oklahoma Introduces Bill to Reduce Registration Fee for Older Motor Vehicles

A bill (H.B. 2607) has been introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature to reduce the annual registration fee for vehicles 25-years old and older to $5.  Under current law, these vehicles are assessed at a rate of $15 per year.

We Urge You to Contact House Appropriations and Budget Committee Members (List Attached) Immediately To Request Their Support for H.B. 2607.

  • H.B. 2607 recognizes the unique nature of these hobbyist cars.
  • H.B. 2607 recognizes that these older cars are infrequently driven (about one-third the miles each year as a new vehicle) second or third vehicles and deserving of a reduced registration fee.
  • H.B. 2607 recognizes that many older vehicles are owned and maintained by low and fixed income Americans who are less able to afford a higher fee.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Oklahoma House Appropriations and Budget Committee immediately to request their support of H.B. 2607. Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Thank you for your assistance.

Oklahoma House Appropriations and Budget Committee

Representative Ken Miller - Chair
Phone: 405/557-7360
Email: kenmiller@okhouse.gov

Representative Scott Martin - Vice Chair
Phone: 405/57-7329
Email: scott.martin@okhouse.gov

Representative John Auffet
Phone: 405/557-7394
Email: johnauffet@okhouse.gov

Representative John Carey
Phone: 405/557-7366
Email: johncarey@okhouse.gov

Representative Doug Cox
Phone: 405/557-7415
Email: dougcox@okhouse.gov

Representative Lee Denney
Phone: 405/557-7304
Email: leedenney@okhouse.gov

Representative Dale DeWitt
Phone: 405/557-7332
Email: daledewitt@okhouse.gov

Representative Joe Dorman
Phone: 405/557-7305
Email: joedorman@okhouse.gov

Representative Larry Glenn
Phone: 405/557-7399
Email: larryglenn@okhouse.gov

Representative Jeffrey W. Hickman
Phone: 405/557-7339
Email: jwhickman@okhouse.gov

Representative Chuck Hoskin
Phone: 405/557-7319
Email: chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov

Representative Mike Jackson
Phone: 405/557-7317
Email: mikejackson@okhouse.gov

Representative Guy Liebmann
Phone: 405/557-7357
Email: guyliebmann@okhouse.gov

Representative Danny Morgan
Phone: 405/557-7368
Email: dannymorgan@okhouse.gov

Representative Ron Peters
Phone: 405/557-7359
Email: ronpeters@okhouse.gov

Representative Randy Terrill
Phone: 405/557-7346
Email: randyterrill@okhouse.gov

Representative Weldon Watson
Phone: 405/557-7330
Email: weldon.watson@okhouse.gov