Ohio Senate Introduces Resolution Opposing EPA Ban on Certain Race Cars


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  • S.C.R 18 recognizes that while the federal Clean Air Act prohibits certain modifications to motor vehicles, it is clear that vehicles built or modified for racing, and not used on public streets, are not within the classes of motor vehicles that Congress intended to regulate. 
  • S.C.R. 18 recognizes that the EPA regulation also would prohibit the sale of certain specialty automotive equipment for use in or on such vehicles. 
  • S.C.R. 18 recognizes that the EPA regulation will have a materially adverse impact on all manufacturers, retailers, installers, and hobbyists participating or engaging in the racing industry and on Ohio's economy.

Overview: An Ohio Senate Concurrent Resolution (S.C.R. 18) has been introduced to urge the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to retract proposed regulations concerning competitive race vehicles that are used solely for competition.  The resolution further urges the USEPA to withhold issuing a final regulation until the legislatures of the states have had an opportunity to submit comments.


Ohio Senate Committee on Natural Resources

Senator Troy Balderson (R)                           

Senator Lou Gentile (D)                                

Senator Capri Cafaro (D)                               

Senator Shannon Jones (R)                            

Senator Randall Gardner (R)                         

Senator Sandra Williams (D)                         

Senator Cliff Hite (R)                        

Senator Jay Hottinger (R)                              

Senator Thomas Patton (R)                            

Senator Bill Seitz (R)                         

Senator Joseph Uecker (R)