New Jersey Introduces Bills to Allow Sale of Newly-Created Classic License Plates

DON’T DELAY! Please contact members of the New Jersey State Legislature to request their support for S. 2565/A. 212:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • S. 2565/A. 212 bring a retro look to modern license plates by allowing consumers to choose a blue license plate with sand yellow letters that resembles the plates that were issued in the state from 1979 to 1991.
  • S. 2565/A. 212 give consumers new options on what sort of license plates to use on their vehicles and provide classic car collectors a risk-free way to acquire plates that match the vintage of their vehicles.
  • S. 2565/A. 212 bring New Jersey in line with other states seeking to promote the growth of the collector car hobby and the marketplace it supports.
  • S. 2565/A. 212 recognize the growing interest of vehicle owners in vintage-style options and offers a desirable alternative to traditional license plates that allows vehicles to be personalized further.

Overview: New Jersey introduced SAN-supported legislation (S. 2565) to allow the MVC to issue a newly-created classic license plate to be available for display on all vehicles, that will resemble the license plates issued between 1979-1991. The plates would cost an additional $50 initially and a subsequent annual $10 fee. The bills require a minimum of 500 interested applicants before the classic plates will be produced. A companion bill (A. 212) was introduced earlier this year and is currently pending before the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee. S. 2565 currently awaits consideration in the Senate Transportation Committee.