New Hampshire Legislation Dies for the Year as Legislature Adjourns


Bills introduced in New Hampshire in 2016 failed to be approved by both houses of the legislature prior to the adjournment of the session.

  • Legislation (H.B. 1421) to exempt motor vehicles whose manufacturer's model year is older than 15 years from the requirement that they have a certificate of title was not approved by the House Transportation Committee.  The bill sought to restore the rolling 15-year exemption repealed in 2014 and replace with an exemption only for vehicles manufactured before the year 2000.  The measure also acknowledged the fact that titles are not always readily available for older vehicles. 
  • Legislation (H.B. 542) to exempt vehicles 10 or more model years old from emissions test requirements was not approved.  The bill also sought to exempt a vehicle for an indication of failure if the owner verified that he or she had spent $100 or more unsuccessfully attempting to repair the cause of the failure and the vehicle passed all other inspection requirements.  However, a bill (H.B. 351) to exempt rare or historically significant vehicles from emissions control requirements was signed into law earlier this year by Governor Maggie Hassan.  Under previous law, only vehicles 20 or more years old were exempt.  The new law becomes effective on January 1, 2017. 

Thank you to those who participated in supporting these bills.