Nebraska Keeps Nitrous Oxide Equipment Legal

A bill that originally threatened to prohibit the use of “fuel power booster delivery systems,” specifically nitrous oxide systems, on motor vehicles operated in the state was passed by the Nebraska legislature and signed into law. 
Early in the process, SEMA was successful in amending the bill to soften its effect.   As amended, the new law only prohibits the street use of nitrous oxide.  The mere presence of nitrous systems in vehicles does not constitute a violation.  Had the original language passed into law, not only outlaw nitrous oxide, but also many other legitimate aftermarket performance enhancing products including turbochargers and superchargers could have been outlawed.
SEMA would like to thank all the Nebraska car clubs and enthusiasts that helped keep nitrous oxide legal.  In particular, we would like to highlight the efforts of the Nebraska Rod and Custom Association, who brought this legislation to our attention over two years ago, as well as the Rapid Transit System, Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa Car Club Council, Rebels Auto Club and the Twin River Cruisers.