SEMA Action Network to Sponsor Racers Against Street Racing





The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is proud to welcome the Racers Against Street Racing (RASR) brand to its network.  This long-standing SEMA effort is devoted to promoting safe and legal alternatives to illegal street racing.  The message is simple:  IF YOU WANT TO RACE, GO TO A RACETRACK.  The goal of RASR is to provide resources to allow racing enthusiasts to participate in automotive-related events throughout the U.S in a safe and controlled environment.

The reconfigured RASR website now includes newsworthy topics, a state-by-state race track locator, downloadable public service announcements, SEMA model legislation and more.

“RASR’s mission aligns extremely well with the SAN’s general goal to protect the automotive hobby,” noted SAN Director Colby Martin.  “By arming performance enthusiasts with the means to promote legal and responsible behavior on the street, RASR will help strengthen and expand the SAN’s impact on this exciting automotive niche.”

To learn more about RASR, please visit

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