SAN Announces Winner of Hot Rod Magazine Contest


SEMA Action Network (SAN) member Joseph J. Glosek was recently announced as the winner of the Hot Rod Magazine contest for his submission on “How Has the SEMA Action Network Served the Auto Hobby?”  After reviewing all the entries, the staff of Hot Rod Magazine chose Mr. Glosek’s testimonial as the winner.  Glosek currently owns a 2008 Challenger SRT8, a 1967 Charger and a 1970 Daytona Charger Tribute.  A self-proclaimed ‘Mopar guy,’ Glosek is a member the Winged Warriors/National B-Body Association, Daytona-Superbird Auto Club, Mopars Unlimited of Arizona and the National Street Machine Association.  Here is his article which, along with a photo of Mr. Glosek, will appear in an upcoming issue of Hot Rod Magazine:

            In today's busy world most of us have little free time with work and family so we tend to use this limited resource doing things we enjoy such as working on or driving our cars.   In many ways our cars, whether they are muscle cars, antiques, collector cars, race cars or even just a really nice daily driver, offer a refuge from a world that at times seems to move way to fast.  As a result we tend to let "the other guy" handle tasks that are mundane or unpleasant.  This unfortunately also includes keeping a tab on legislation that could directly affect our hobby.  Most of us only learn of the negative impact of new laws and regulations on our hobby, after the fact when it is too late to take action.

            Fortunately, we have the SEMA Action Network watching out for the best interest of our hobby.  They do what we should be doing, watching for any new legislation that could limit or even end our hobby.  They are "the other guy" so that we can continue to enjoy our vehicles for years to come without being unduly burdened by unfriendly laws and regulations.   Thanks to the SEMA Action Network, we can enjoy our family friendly hobby, and aftermarket manufacturers are willing to invest in our hobby with new and improved products.  Without the SAN, we would not have our hobby and manufacturers would find little reason to invest in new product development.  The SAN makes our hobby a win/win for all involved.

Special thanks to Hot Rod Magazine and all who participated in the contest.

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