Montana Bill to Provide Single License Plate for Certain Motor Vehicles Amended and Approved by Committee


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  • As amended would require that the waiver certificate be carried in the motor vehicle at all times and available upon demand by law enforcement.   
  • H.B. 213 would protect the aesthetic contours of certain vehicles and relieve vehicle owners of the burden and expense of having to create mounting holes on some original bumpers.    
  • H.B. 213 would save money, conserve resources and bring Montana in line with other states that are moving to expand the types of vehicles eligible to display a single plate.

Overview: Legislation (H.B. 213) to provide for the issuance of a single rear mounted license plate for certain motor vehicles was amended and approved by the House Transportation Committee.  Under the amendment, “if a person is not able to comply with the requirement that a front license plate be displayed because of the body construction of the motor vehicle, the person may submit to the Highway Patrol an application for a waiver along with a $25 inspection fee.”  Vehicle owners would not be obligated to apply for the waiver or pay the fee.  The bill will now be sent to the full House of Representatives for consideration.