Missouri Bill Introduced to Tax Cars for Miles Traveled

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact the Missouri House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Immediately to request oppose for H.B. 2483:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • H.B. 2483 provides that a miles driven tax would be collected beginning January 1, 2020. This fee would be charged in addition to all other registration fees and would not replace the gas tax.
  • Under H.B. 2483, at the time of the safety inspection, an odometer reading is recorded. Upon registration renewal, the owner would be entitled to an undetermined prorated credit against the miles driven fee if the vehicle is driven less than 20,000 miles during a one-year registration or less than 40,000 miles during a two-year registration period. 
  • H.B. 2483 directs all revenue from the fee to the State Road Fund.
  • In addition to creating privacy concerns, the bill undermines national efforts to create a more fuel-efficient vehicle fleet because the bill taxes drivers based on vehicle mileage. As gas tax revenues decrease due to hybrid and electric vehicle ownership, states are looking for new sources of funding for pet projects.

Overview: Legislation (H.B. 2483) to require the Department of Revenue to charge and collect a miles driven fee of up to $200 for a one-year vehicle registration and up to $400 for a two-year vehicle registration was introduced. The bill is currently in the House Transportation Committee.