Massachusetts Street Rod and Custom Vehicle Bill Vetoed By Governor

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick “pocket vetoed” SEMA model legislation to create a vehicle registration classification for street rods and custom vehicles after he failed to sign the bill within 10 days of receiving it.  According to inside sources, the governor’s office received negative comments regarding the bill from officials for several state agencies.  The SEMA Government Affairs office has pledged to work to uncover and mitigate concerns raised by the Governor and his Administration so that the bill may be revived. 
The Massachusetts bill defined a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948.  The bill allowed kit cars and replica vehicles to be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model year designation as the production vehicles they most closely resemble.
Thanks to all who sent letters and e-mail messages to the governor urging his support for the bill.  The fight isn’t over.  It will just carry over to another day.