Maryland Bill to Revise Historic Vehicle Registration Requirements Signed Into Law


Legislation (H.B. 58) that makes minimal changes to Maryland’s historic vehicle requirements was signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan.  As introduced, the bill appeared to subject historic vehicles of model year 1986 and later to undergo periodic safety inspections.  However, an amended version of the new law specifically excludes historic vehicles from the requirement that they receive an inspection certificate prior to titling and registration.  The law does prohibit the use of historic vehicles for employment, transportation to employment or school and for commercial purposes.   The bill also subjects historic vehicles of model year 1986 and later to equipment repair orders.  These repair orders would be issued for vehicle safety equipment that is in disrepair and would require a subsequent inspection to determine that the repair had been effected.   

The new law does not change the age requirement for historic vehicles, does not require that an historic vehicle be insured by a show or antique vehicle insurance policy and does not require that the owner have a “daily driver” vehicle registered in Maryland.  

Thank you those who participated in voicing an opinion on this bill.