Pro-Hobby Kansas Bills Die as Legislature Adjourns

Several SAN-supported, pro-hobby bills died as the Kansas legislature adjourned its 2019-2020 legislative session. To follow is a brief summary: 

  • Legislation (H.B. 2420) to allow for the registration and on-road use of surplus military vehicles. Currently, only antique military vehicles more than 35 years old can be registered for road use. The bill passed the House but failed to pass the Senate.
  • Legislation (H.B. 2528) to re-define vehicles eligible to be registered as antique vehicles. Currently, the Kansas Highway Patrol defines an antique vehicle as being “more than 35 years old and as close to the original as possible, without any significant alterations to the major component parts.” H.B. 2528 only required vehicles to be more than 35 years old, regardless of the age of the component parts. The bill passed the House but did not pass the Senate Transportation Committee. 
  • Legislation (S.B. 330) to allow for the registration and on-road use of four-wheeled surplus military vehicles. The bill failed to receive a hearing in the Senate Transportation Committee. 

Thank you to everyone who voiced support for these bills.


Dear SEMA Action Network (SAN): Recent world events have impacted us all. Rest assured, the SAN will continue to be the voice of auto enthusiasts in state capitols and Washington, DC.  With your help, we’ve already achieved several triumphs this year—thank you!  Meantime, SEMA is working to safeguard our hobby so we can continue to pursue our passion.  For updates, news and resources, please visit  Ignited We Stand!