Indiana Bill to Permit Non-Residents to Use Off-Highway Trails Approved by House; Moves to Senate Natural Resources Committee


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  • H.B. 1246 would allow, for a fee, a vehicle that is from another state or country and owned by a nonresident of Indiana to be operated on designated trails and properties owned or managed by the state.   
  • H.B. 1246, if enacted, would take effect on July 1, 2016. 

Overview:  Legislation (H.B. 1246) to allow the operator of a nonregistered off-road vehicle or a snowmobile from another state or country to purchase a trail use tag to operate on designated trails and properties was approved by the Indiana House.  The bill now moves to the Senate Committee for consideration



Indiana Senate Committee on Natural Resources


Senator Susan Glick

Senator Jean Leising

Senator Michael Crider

Senator Mark Messmer

Senator Chip Perfect

Senator Brent Steele

Senator James Tomes

Senator Frank Mrvan

Senator James Arnold