UPDATE: Companion To Hawaii Resolution For The Construction Of New Racing Facility To Be Heard April 1

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact the Hawaii Senate Ways & Means Committee to request support for S.C.R. 108:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • S.C.R. 108 expresses support for the creation of a race track on the island of Oahu, which would provide a gathering place for local racers and racing enthusiasts.
  • S.C.R. 108 recognizes that the creation of a race track on the island of Oahu would increase tourism and provide a legal alternative to street racing.
  • S.C.R. 108 also recognizes that the island has been without a racing facility for more than a decade despite its significant population within the state.
  • S.C.R. 108 honors Oahu’s rich tradition of racing dating backing back to drag racing in the 1950’s. 

Overview: A Senate resolution (S.C.R. 108) has been offered as a companion to a Hawaii House resolution (H.C.R. 42) advocating for the construction of a new race track facility on the island of Oahu. The racing community lost motorsports facilities on Oahu more than a decade ago. The resolution will be considered by the Senate Ways and Means Committee on April 1.