Hawaii Resolutions Urging Low-Mileage Registration Credit Fail Approval


Resolutions (H.R. 158/H.C.R. 204) urging the City and County of Honolulu to create a 10% vehicle registration credit for residents who drive limited miles in their vehicles were not approved by Hawaii House of Representatives before the legislature adjourned for the year.  The resolutions were introduced to offset the burden put on certain vehicle owners by increased registration fees.  Under the resolutions, the credit would have extended to any resident who is registering a vehicle and can provide information from the two most recent safety inspections (at least 11 months apart) showing that less than 3,000 miles were driven between the two inspections.  While the resolutions did not carry the weight of law, they did urge Honolulu to correct the unfairness associated with having those residents (including owners of rarely-used hobby cars) who make less use of our roads contribute the same amount in fees.

Thanks to all who participated in supporting these resolutions. 

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