Hawaii Offers Resolutions for Construction of New Racing Facility


DON’T DELAY!  Please contact the Hawaii State Senate Committees on Economic Development, Tourism, and Techonology and on Water and Land immediately to request support for S.C.R. 20/H.C.R. 14:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • S.C.R. 20/H.C.R. 14 will mandate the creation of a race track on the island of Oahu, which would provide a safe gathering place for the local racers and racing enthusiasts.
  • S.C.R. 20/H.C.R. 14 would increase tourism and provide an alternative to street racing and other illegal activities
  • S.C.R. 20/H.C.R. 14 recognizes the rich tradition of racing on the island, with Oahu drag racing dating back to the 1950’s

Overview: Resolutions (H.C.R. 14 and S.C.R. 20) were offered in Hawaii for the construction of a new race track facility on the island of Oahu. The resolutions are currently being considered in the Senate Economic Development, Tourism, and Technology Committee as well as the Water and Land Committees.