Hawaii Introduces Bill to Approve Unfair Exhaust Noise Cameras

DON’T DELAY! Please contact lawmakers to request their opposition to this proposal:

Overview: Hawaii has introduced SAN-opposed legislation (S.B. 588) to develop a pilot program for testing noise cameras to ticket loud cars and trucks. Additional legislation was also introduced to unfairly toughen exhaust noise penalties. However, the underlying laws are fundamentally flawed. Currently, Hawaii prohibits mufflers that “noticeably increase the noise” and mandates that mufflers must be identical to their factory setting. The current law is unenforceable as it is vague, subjective, and unfair. S.B. 588 awaits consideration on the Senate floor.

Hawaii needs to implement a fair testing procedure and decibel limit for vehicle owners accused of unreasonable exhaust noise violations. Other states have adopted a decibel limit of 95 decibels when tested under and SAE International procedure, which provides a fair and reasonable working system. This SAN-supported SAE test is conducted in a controlled environment using objective methodology. This solution offers Hawaii a clear standard with a proven record of success.