UPDATE: Off-Road Access Threatened at Oceano Dunes

DON’T DELAY!  Please submit comments to the California Coastal Commission asking them to oppose a recommendation that Oceano Dunes off-road use be eliminated:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • The California Coastal Commission issued a staff report that recommends eliminating off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) within five years.  
  • Oceano Dunes SVRA encompasses nearly 3,600 acres along the Pacific Ocean, of which OHV use is now limited to 1,500 acres or less.  
  • Oceano Dunes became a state OHV park in the 1980s and is the only such park on California’s coast.  
  • OHV use contributes an estimated $20 billion to the California economy. 

Overview: The California Coastal Commission will be reviewing the permit for off-highway vehicle (OHV) use at the Oceano Dunes SVRA on March 18.  The Commission will review staff suggestions to amend the permit, which include eliminating OHV access over a five-year period, among other recommendations.

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) opposes the Commission’s plan to abolish OHV use at Oceano Dunes.  Please let the Commission know about your experience riding at Oceano Dunes.  It is imperative that we educate the members of the Commission on the OHV community’s passion for riding at the Oceano Dunes SVRA and the positive economic impact that motorized recreation has on the San Luis Obispo area.