Save a Car From Scrappage

Want to save a vehicle from being crushed into a cube, salvageable parts and all? You can, thanks to a new California Air Resources Board (CARB) Email notification program.
You can sign up online to be notified before a car or truck gets scrapped, so you can either buy the entire vehicle or buy parts off it before it's destroyed.
The new Email program not only notifies interested parties of a vehicle's potential scrappage free of charge, it also provides a substantial waiting period before the vehicle's destruction. If you submit a request to see a scrapped vehicle, the period until the vehicle's destruction can be extended by as much as one week. Previously, cars and trucks could be destroyed as soon as they were inspected and the necessary paperwork was processed, precluding any vehicle rescue or parts sales.
"This automatic Email notification system represents a significant opportunity to hobbyists looking for specific vehicles and parts," said Frank Bohanan, a technical consultant to SEMA. "When combined with SEMA's success in limiting the types of parts which must be destroyed under these programs, this advance notice about vehicles destined for scrappage will help improve the availability of unique parts which would have otherwise been lost forever."
The CARB Email program will automatically send a list of vehicles' make, model and year to interested parties, whenever a vehicle is scheduled to be received at a dismantler's facility. The Email message will include the dismantler's location, as well as the time when the vehicle is scheduled to arrive at the dismantler.
To subscribe to this Email notification program, go to: 
We urge you to sign up today, so you can save a vehicle on death row--or obtain much-needed parts for your restoration, street rod or other project.