California Reintroduces Bill to Incentivize Aftermarket ZEV Powerplant Conversions

DON’T DELAY! Please contact lawmakers to request their support for this bill:

Overview: California Senator Anthony Portantino has introduced SEMA-sponsored legislation (SB 301) to create a financial rebate program for converting gas- and diesel-powered motor vehicles into zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). If enacted, SB 301 will offer Californians up to $2,000 for converting their car or truck into a ZEV. Currently, the state’s existing rebate programs serve only those purchasing new vehicles—none assist with ZEV conversions of gas-powered vehicles that started their life with an internal-combustion engine. The bill awaits consideration in the Senate Committees on Environmental Quality and Transportation.

SEMA opposes the government choosing winners and losers in the marketplace, including California’s 2035 ban on new gas- and diesel-powered cars and trucks. SEMA remains committed to protecting the automotive community’s rich heritage while also embracing innovations with emerging technologies.