California Bill to Require Warranty Disclosure Dies as Legislature Adjourns


Legislation (A.B. 2837) to require new car dealers to provide purchasers a written statement declaring it is illegal for manufacturers or dealers to void a warranty or deny coverage because aftermarket or recycled parts were installed or because someone other than the dealer performed service died when the legislature adjourned for the year.     

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act regulates warranties for the protection of consumers and provides that vehicle manufacturers may not deny warranty coverage based on the use of an aftermarket part alone.  Consumers are generally unaware of the rights afforded them under the law and many are forced to absorb the costs for repairs that were properly covered under the warranty.  A.B. 2837 would simply have provided that consumers be made aware in ten-point boldface type of these basic rights.

Thank you to those who participated in supporting this bill.