California Bill to Increase Transportation Fees and Taxes Approved by Senate Committee


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  • SBX1 would raise the gas tax from $0.30 to $0.42 per gallon.
  • SBX1 would raise the annual registration fee from $43 to $78 per vehicle.
  • SBX1 creates a new $35 annual road access charge per vehicle.

Overview: Legislation (SBX1) that would, among other things, raise the gas tax by $0.12 per gallon, increase by $35 the annual vehicle registration fee, add a new $100 annual vehicle registration fee for zero-emission motor vehicles and impose a new $35 annual road access charge on each vehicle was approved by the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Development Committee.  The additional funds raised by the bill would be used to address deferred maintenance on the state highways and local streets and roads.  The bill has now been referred to the Appropriations Committee.


California Senate Appropriations Committee

Senator Ricardo Lara (D)                        

Senator Pat Bates (R)                  

Senator Jim Beall (D)                 

Senator Jerry Hill (D)                 

Senator Tony Mendoza (D)                    

Senator Jim Nielsen (R)                          

Connie M. Leyva (D)