California Bill to Expand Vehicle Retirement Program Approved by Committee; Moves to Assembly Floor


DON’T DELAY!  Please voice your opposition to A.B. 1965 immediately from the California Assembly by emailing now:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • A.B. 1965 represents another attempt by California lawmakers to dust off a tired, flawed and ineffective scrappage program using your tax dollars. 
  • A.B. 1965 ignores the fact that all scrappage programs hold the potential for enthusiasts to lose a valuable source of rare parts for vehicle restoration projects.    
  • A.B. 1965 is unfair to many of the low-income vehicle owners the bill seeks to target by potentially denying them available parts from older cars in order to maintain their own vehicles.   
  • A.B. 1965 embraces the fact that most scrapped cars are infrequently or never used second or third vehicles.     
  • A.B. 1965 will do little to improve air quality which is directly connected to overall basic vehicle maintenance.   

Overview: Legislation (A.B. 1965) to require the Air Resources Board to expand the state’s program for the retirement and replacement of older passenger vehicles and light and medium-duty trucks was approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Having already been approved by the Transportation Committee, the bill will now be considered in a vote by all Assembly members.    Current law provides for “an enhanced fleet modernization program” to be administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair based on guidelines adopted by the Air Resources Board.  Beginning in the 2017-18 fiscal year, the bill would require the agencies to set specific and measurable goals for the program’s expansion.