California Bill to Expand Eligibility for Year of Manufacture License Plates Signed Into Law


Legislation (S.B. 1429) to expand the authorization of year-of-manufacture license plates to include owners of 1980 or older model-year vehicles was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.  Previous law only authorized owners of vehicles that are of a 1969 or older model-year or owners of a commercial vehicle or pickup truck that is 1972 or older to utilize California year-of-manufacture license plates.  These plates must be legible and serviceable.  

Under the new law, the state may consult with an organization of old car hobbyists in determining whether the date of year of the license plate corresponds to the model-year date when the vehicle was manufactured.  A fee of $45 will be charged for the application for the use of the special plates.

Thank you to those who participated in supporting this bill