California Bill to Exempt Pre-1981 Vehicles from Emissions Inspections Fails to Meet Passage Deadline


In a severe disappointment for the old car hobby, the California Senate failed to gain final approval prior to the June 3 deadline for amended legislation (S.B. 1239) to exempt motor vehicles prior to the 1981 model year from the emissions inspection requirement.  Under the amended bill, vehicles manufactured after the 1976 model year but prior to the 1981 model year would have been exempted if the owner submitted proof that the vehicle was insured as a collector motor vehicle.  This exemption would have been a 2-year trial that would have needed to be renewed by separate legislation in order to continue. Current law requires the lifetime testing of all 1976 and newer model-year vehicles.
We received an overwhelming response from California hobbyists in response to our requests for action on this bill.  Thank you to those who participated.