September 2007

Mapping Out the Road Ahead
Dear SAN members,
With Labor Day just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to those few remaining shows and cruise nights before old man winter returns. On the upside, it does give us time to start thinking about what car projects will keep us occupied during those cold months.
Given that most state legislatures have adjourned for the year, this "off-season" also gives us here at the SEMA Action Network a chance to get ready for the next year. We are in the process of building upon our relationships with hobby-friendly lawmakers and working to develop an agenda for the upcoming legislative sessions.
The SAN has grown rapidly over the last year and has achieved great success in its legislative efforts. However, the fight is far from over. In the months building up to the next legislative session, lawmakers and their aides are busy drafting proposals that could greatly impact our hobby. We should take advantage of this time to check in with our legislators and educate them on why their constituents care about this great American pastime.
Car clubs from across the country have sent stories to the SAN about their shows, fundraisers and other charitable activities they host to help give back to those in their community. While we have done our best to try and share these stories through Driving Force, your local lawmakers need to hear directly from you and your club. They need to know that this hobby is far more than a bunch of cars filling up a parking lot for a cruise night.
Car clubs should consider designating a legislative contact to help develop a relationship between these lawmakers and the club. Ask your legislators to attend your next meeting. Have a lawmaker give out a special award at your car show or cruise night. Your club legislative contact could also provide updates on the information coming from the SAN.
The continued success of the SAN depends on your ongoing involvement. You are the reason the SAN succeeds. The legislation, both good and bad, will find sponsors in state capitols and in city halls. It is up to all of us to stay informed and vigilant in our efforts. The future of our hobby depends on it.
I invite clubs and enthusiasts alike to share their ideas on how we can help grow this network. Please voice your comments by e-mail to jasont@sema.org or phone at 202/783-6007, ext. 39.
Jason Tolleson
Director, SEMA Action Network
California Greenhouse Gas Waiver: The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved legislation to require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to respond to California's request to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions from cars and trucks. The bill sets a September 30 deadline for the response. California is seeking to implement a climate change policy stronger than that of the federal government and is joined by 13 other states hoping to force car and truck manufacturers to produce vehicles with fewer carbon emissions. None of these states can implement new standards until the EPA signs off on the California waiver. EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson has indicated that the agency will complete the California waiver review by the end of the year. The EPA also plans to propose a rule prior to January 2009 that would regulate greenhouse-gas emissions from motor vehicles. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had threatened to sue the EPA in October over the waiver request.
California Climate Change Rules: The California Air Resources Board (CARB) will seek more "early-action" measures under the state's new greenhouse-gas emissions law. The measures could include tougher mobile source rules sought by Southern California officials. The CARB actions are being sought by the new chairman, Mary Nichols. Nichols replaced former CARB Chairman Robert Sawyer, who had upset state officials by not adopting enough early-action measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. In June, the agency adopted three early-action measures, including a low-carbon fuel standard, a restriction on the sale of "do-it-yourself" automotive refrigerants for air-conditioning systems and increased methane capture from landfills.
Florida Custom Vehicle Plate: The SAN has been asked to help design Florida's new "custom vehicle" license plate. Working with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and members of the state legislature on the design, the custom vehicle classification and the plate are the results of the state's enactment into law of a SEMA-drafted bill to amend the vehicle titling and registration classification for street rods and create a classification for custom vehicles. Under the new law, a street rod is defined as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948. Most importantly, kit cars and replica vehicles are assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model-year designation as the production vehicle they most closely resemble.
Massachusetts Exhaust Noise:  After being stalled by SAN members for the last several years, a bill to ban the sale or installation of "an exhaust system which has been modified in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the exhaust" was reintroduced and has been scheduled for an October hearing in the Massachusetts Legislature. The measure does not supply law enforcement with a clear standard to enforce, allowing them to make subjective judgments on whether or not a modified exhaust system is in violation. SAN members in Massachusetts should expect another fight on their hands and will be receiving legislative action alerts in the immediate future. 
Georgia on My Mind
The State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus is joined by its newest member, Representative Howard Mosby of Georgia. Representative Mosby hails from the Atlanta area and contributes both his knowledge and skill as a car lover and as a legislator. To relax after a busy week in politics, he looks forward to his weekend toy and prized possession, a 2002 Corvette.
Representative Mosby is also a founding member of the Pacesetters Corvette Club of Georgia. Mosby, or "Rep" as he is known in the club, explains that their mission is to be more than just a car club by supporting their communities and other local charities. The club has taken that one step further by creating their own non-profit organization, the Corvettes Serving America (CSA) Foundation.
Living up to their name, the CSA Foundation sponsors the Corvettes Against Breast Cancer Charity Event. Going on its fifth year, this unique event includes laps around the Atlanta Motor Speedway and a caravan of Corvettes to Summit Racing in McDonough, Georgia, for giveaways, including the grand prize of a 2007 Corvette Coupe.
Last year's event hailed over 120 Corvettes, and more than $5,000 was donated to the Wellness Community of Atlanta and $3,500 went towards the American Cancer Society.
Serving as President of the CSA Foundation, Rep Mosby works hand-in-hand with the members of the Pace- setters Corvette Club in creating a day where Corvette lovers can unite to not only celebrate their love for automobiles, but to also help in the fight against cancer.
For more information on the Pacesetters and the Corvettes Serving America (CSA) Foundation, visit www.pacesetterscorvetteclub.org and www.csafoundation.org. 
Hot Wheels From the Land of Ice and Fire
1969 Shelby GT-500, Super Cobra Jet 428
Owner: Thorgrmur "Thor" St. Árnason
Keflavik, Iceland
As a native of Iceland, I grew up seeing cars from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The town that I grew up in is located next to Keflavík Airport, which at that time was a NATO Base. Servicemen and their families used to bring American cars with them during their tours and therefore I grew up seeing musclecars that otherwise would not have been imported to the island. I remember cars, such as a '71 Challenger 440 six pack, '68 Mustang GT 390, '73 Nova SS 350, '74 Pontiac Trans Am and a '69 Shelby GT-500. The Shelby left a lasting impression and a dream to purchase one sat in the back of my mind ever since.
The years passed, and I reminisced many times about the cars that were around when I was growing up. Through my employment with the U.S. Navy, I traveled frequently to the states and would always pick up car magazines to help nurture my interest in '60s and '70s musclecars.
After 15 years of searching I finally found what I was looking for-a '69 Shelby GT-500. It was brought to my attention that an older couple living in Pennsylvania was thinking of selling their '69 Shelby that they had owned for over 20 years. I contacted the owner in November 2004 and had a friend of mine inspect the car. After the holidays, my wife and I flew over to finish the deal. I remember the gentleman was happy to hear that I was going to enjoy the car and drive it on occasion, rather than keep it stored like some museum piece. Once winter was over, we shipped the car to Iceland.
Although the car is not 100% original, it has made a huge impression back home. It was only the second Shelby that has been registered in the country. Since it became part of the family I have been busy researching and purchasing correct parts. I have been in touch with quite a few Shelby enthusiasts, all of which have helped guide me to acquire correct parts for the car.
Having had access to the Discovery Channel for the past few years, I have enjoyed watching shows such as "Rides," "American Hot Rod" and other interesting series on musclecars and the culture. When I saw the episode of "Rides" featuring the 2005 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour, I knew instantly that I needed to be a part of such an event. I was approaching my 50th birthday and mentioned to my wife that I wanted to take the Shelby back to America and participate in the 2007 tour. She replied, "Go for it!"
It took some planning to arrange for the car to be trans-ported from Keflavík, Iceland to JFK, arrange for the proper customs documents and, last but not the least, insure the Shelby while in the states.
The rest is history.
While on the tour, people waved and gave us the thumbs-up and high-fives signs upon seeing the Shelby. It was a blast! We will do this again and have already made plans to come back for the 2009 tour.
Worth Its Weight in Gold
Driving Force Recognized for Contribution to Hobby
Recently the SEMA Action Network received an award from its colleagues in the automotive publishing industry. The good folks at Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace recognized Driving Force with their 'Golden Quill' award for "outstanding efforts in the communications field of the old car hobby." We thank them for this recognition and look forward to a continued partnership.
The SAN staff is not prone to blowing its own horn. We do what we do for our love of the hobby. Our team in the Washington, D.C. office and at SEMA's headquarters in Diamond Bar, California, work hard to provide enthusiasts with the information needed to protect our vehicles. Specials thanks are due to the numerous car clubs and individuals who have submitted stories and profiles to Driving Force. Most of all, we owe every SAN member a big "Thank You" for being a part of this organization. This award is more for you than it is for any of us.
Calling All Car Clubs!
Entry Forms Available October 1 for Annual Eagle One Golden Rule Awards
Eagle One has announced the availability of entry forms for its 15th Annual Golden Rule Awards. This year Eagle One is inaugurating a $1,500 grand prize for one of four car clubs winning its 15th Annual Golden Rule Awards. The award recognizes and rewards a car club in four U.S. regions for outstanding achievement in community service.
The grand prize will go to the club that is judged to have performed the most compassionate action that benefited a person or group. The $1,500 award will be donated to a charity designated by the club. A $500 cash contribution will be made to a favorite charity of each of the three other winning clubs.
In addition to a total of $3,000 in cash contributions from Eagle One and co-sponsor Valvoline, the two companies will provide a generous supply of premium appearance care products and motor oil for fundraising purposes. A custom-designed award will also be given.
The Golden Rule Award will be presented to a car club in the West, Midwest, East and South judged to have conducted the most outstanding community-service program in their region during 2007.
An entry form may be obtained beginning October 1 by visiting www.eagleone.com or calling 818/501-1445. Deadline for entries is December 31, 2007. Winners will be notified by February 10, 2008.
Eagle One is a part of the Valvoline family of brands.
September 1-2, Birmingham
30th Anniversary Stampede
Sponsor: Mustang Club of America
Information: 770/957-7501
September 1, Valle
Valle Air & Car Show
Sponsor: Route 66 Car Club
Information: www.route66carclub.com or 928/779-0898
September 7-9, Flagstaff
2nd Annual Route 66 Days
Sponsor: Route 66 Car Club
Information: www.route66carclub.com or 928/779-0898
September 10, Belmont Shore
17th Annual Belmont Shore Car Show
Sponsor: Bay City Rodders
Information: 562/946-9800
September 16, Calabasas
Mustangs at the Calabasas Commons
Sponsor: Mustang Owners Club of California
Information: 818/360-8218
September 22, Costa Mesa
Cruisin' For a Cure
Information: www.cruisinforacure.com 
September 23, Long Beach
Mustangs at the Queen Mary
Sponsor: Beach City Mustang Club
Information: www.bcmc.net or 562/498-2262
September 1-2, Colorado Springs
2007 Rocky Mountain Concours d'Elegance
Information: 719/337-8900
September 15-16, Loveland
2007 Antique Swap Meet
Sponsor: AACA, Poudre Valley Region
Information: www.aaca.org/pvraaca
September 15-16, Arvada
The Conclave
Sponsor: Colorado English Motoring Conclave
Information: 303/477-0189
September 9, Manchester
28th Annual Mustang Power Show
Sponsor: Mustang Car Club of New England
Information: www.mccne.com
August 31-September 1, Augusta
Southern Exposure Grand National
Sponsor: Central Savannah River Area Mustang Club
Information: www.csramc.org
September 30, Braselton
Street Masters Benefit Show
Sponsor: Street Masters Car Club of Athens, GA
Information: 706/797-3626
September 3, Grayslake
Skip's Show & Swap Meet
Sponsor: Chicago Gearheads
Information: www.chicagogearheads.com
September 9, St. Charles
Fierorama 07
Sponsor: Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts
Information: 630/983-6434
September 16, Oak Brook Terrace
10th Annual Pontiac & GMC All Pontiac/GMC Car Show
Sponsor: Pontiac-Oakland Club International, Illinois Chapter
Information: 815/838-7956
September 16-17, Galena
Quad State 2007
Sponsor: Illinois Valley Olds Chapter, Oldsmobile Club of America
Information: 708/444-7625
September 21-23, Joliet
Peak Chicagoland Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys Rod & Custom Association
Information: www.good-guys.com
September 15, Indianapolis
Heat Wave Showdown
Sponsor: Low Budget Customs
Information: www.lbc-carclub.com
September 2-3, Iowa Falls
10th Annual Labor Day Scenic City Show
Sponsor: Scenic City Cruisers
Information: www.sceniccitycarshow.com or 641/648-4824
September 7-9, Greenfield
44th Annual Early Wheels of Iowa
Information: www.earlywheelsofiowa.com or 515/961-3657
September 15, Tuttle Creek
2nd Kansas Krawl
Sponsor: Trail Krawlers 4x4 Club
Information: www.trailkrawlers4x4.org
September 7-9, Carrolton
10th Annual All Ford and Mustang Show
Sponsor: Derby City Mustang Club
Information: 502/239-0132
September 8, Columbia
The All-Chevy Car Show
Sponsor: Maryland Camaro Club
Information: www.mdcamaroclub.com
September 28-30, Garrett County Fairgrounds 
Strut Your Stuff Shine and Show 2007
Information: www.strutyourstuffcarshow.net
September 22, Norwood
5th Cadillac Village Show
Sponsor: Cadillac LaSalle Club, N.E. Region
Information: 617/288-6626
September 14-16, Kalamazoo
Street Rod Nationals North
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com
September 16, Birch Run
14th Annual All Mustang & Ford Show
Sponsor: Mustang Club of Mid-Michigan
Information: www.mustangclubmm.com
August 31-September 2, Kansas City
Mid-Western Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys Rod & Custom Association
Information: www.good-guys.com
September 14-16, Springfield
Fall Street Machines National
Information: www.familyevents.com
September 15, Warrenton
9th Annual Charity Car Show
Sponsor: American Roadhouse Car Club
Information: www.americanroadhouse.org
September 21-23, Kansas City
LightningFest 5
Sponsor: National Lightning Owners Club
Information: www.nloc.net
September 23, Folsom
Fall Memorial Car Show and Toy Run
Sponsor: Cruisin' Classics Auto Club
Information: www.crusinclassics.com
September 14-15, Artesia
Gathering of Wheels
Sponsor: Artesia Fun Bunch
Information: 505/746-6497
September 21-23, Los Lunas
NMCCC Annual Swap Meet
Sponsor: New Mexico Council of Car Clubs
Information: 505/884-7912
September 29-30, Edgewood
Edgewood Harvest Festival
Information: 505/832-1503
September 2, Moravia
Annual Fillmore Auto Show
Information: www.moraviany.com/carshow
September 7-9, Lake George
18th Annual Adirondack Nationals
Sponsor: Albany Rods and Kustoms
Information: www.adirondacknationals.com or 518/821-6237
September 9, Wampsville
46th Annual Antique Car Show and Flea Market
Sponsor: Mohican Model A Ford Club
Information: www.28-31ford.org or 315/736-1928
September 14-16, Rhinebeck
16th East Coast Nationals
Information: www.good-guys.com
September 1, Hendersonville
Mac Easler End of Summer Show
Sponsor: Blue Ridge Mustang Club
Information: 828/670-5638
September 8-9, Tallmadge
Camaro Fall Classic 2007
Sponsor: NorthEastern Ohio Camaro Club
Information: neocc.homestead.com or 330/899-0206
September 8-9, Sandy
Sandy Oktoberfest Car Show
Sponsor: OCOVA
Information: 503/668-4096
September 2, Hershey
4th Annual Mustang Rally
Sponsor: Mustang Club of Central PA
Information: 717/564-7522
September 23, Hummelstown
22nd Annual All Oldsmobile Fall Meet
Sponsor: Oldsmobile Club of America, Blue/Gray Chapter
Information: 717/277-0789
September 1, Myrtle Beach
Wheels at the Beach
Sponsor: Myrtle Beach Car Club
Information: 843/650-3098
September 22, Pulaski
24th Annual Antique Car Show
Sponsor: P.A.C.E. Car Club
Information: www.pacecarclub.com or 931/363-2585
September 8, Garland
Bug Swarm XIII
Information: www.ntvwclub.org
September 13-15, Big Spring
45th Grand Ole Tour
Sponsor: Big Spring Region AACA
Information: 325/207-0727
September 21-23, Burlington
Northeast Nationals
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com
September 16, Richmond
All Pontiac Show
Sponsor: Pontiac-Oakland Club International, Old Dominion Chapter
Information: www.poci.org
September 22, Manassas
32nd Annual Edgar Rohr Car Show
Sponsor: AACA, Bull Run Region
Information: local.aaca.org/bullrun or 540/522-6533
September 22, Winchester
23rd Annual Fall Spectacular
Sponsor: Shenandoah Valley Mustang Club
Information: 540/662-0584
September 23, Lacey
Ponies in the Park
Sponsor: Mustangs West
Information: www.mustangswest.com
September 9, Saukville
Saukville in September Car, Truck and Cycle Show
Sponsor: Rods-n-Relics Car Club
Information: www.rodsnrelics.org
September 16, Sheboygan
21st Annual Riverfront Custom Car Show
Sponsor: Kettle Moraine Corvette Club
Information: www.oopcd.com/kmcc or 262/965-5255
Check out these early October 2007 events
October 7, New Brunswick
20th Annual Picnic/Meet at the Agricultural Museum of New Jersey
Sponsor: NY-NJ Slant Six Club of America
Information:  http://bencar.freeyellow.com/NYNJSLANTSIXCLUBOFAMERICA.html
October 3-7, Carlisle
Fall Carlisle
Information: www.carsatcarlisle.com
Note: The following state bills are not laws. They were recently introduced and are currently under consideration by the respective state legislatures:
Florida EO 127: Establishes immediate actions to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in Florida. Implements California emissions standards for motor vehicles.
Florida EO 128: Establishes Florida Governor's action team on energy and climate change.
Michigan HB 5021/SB 643: Revises requirements for certain visual displays for use in motor vehicles. Allows the use of displays that enhance the view of the driver if de-activated over 12 miles per hour.
Attention Car Clubs, Event Organizers and Enthusiasts!
Put SAN on Your Mailing List!
We’d like to know what’s going on with SEMA Action Network clubs and enthusiasts across the country; what charity events you’re involved in; when and where the rod runs, car shows, trail rides, rallies and tech meetings are held; and what legislative and regulatory issues concern club members and individual enthusiasts. 
One of the best ways to keep us abreast of what’s going on and what’s important to the vehicle hobbies nationwide is for us to receive your club newsletters and updates. Please consider placing SEMA on your mailing list. Send correspondence to: SEMA Action Network, 1317 F Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20004-1105. Or by e-mail to san@sema.org.