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SAN Online Videos Bring Legislative Topics to Life


  The SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) YouTube channel hosts short videos on timely legislative topics and public service announcements.

Nowadays, a star is born in nanoseconds. Once upon a time, movie moguls and TV studios dictated which faces were seen on the screen. Thankfully, the internet has leveled-out the means in which motion pictures are created, distributed, viewed and even generate revenue. Big budget or no budget, there is now room for recordings of any size and quality. There has never been a better chance to reach fame as an on-screen personality. Many credit the YouTube platform for founding the user-based video movement when it launched in 2005. With billions of views, the website has become one of the most dominant search engines worldwide.

The YouTube universe has also proven to be juggernaut with its appeal to all facets of automotive youth culture. After all, most agree that nothing compares to seeing wheels in action! To better engage our hobby using this medium, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) created its own channel to host short videos. The first SAN-produced offerings were posted in 2008 as public service announcements. Since those first uploads, the SAN channel has grown to include SAN-supported initiatives like the RPM Act, the “Low Volume” federal replica law and Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) celebration.

A new, ongoing series of “SAN Special Reports” made its debut at the beginning of this year. Each newsroom-style update briefly highlights timely legislative information. Several reports have included interviews with personalities from the automotive community. Look up www.youtube.com/semaSAN and subscribe for the latest releases free of charge.

Make sure to spread the word by sharing the videos with your friends, family and online communities.