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Meet Nevada Senator Mark Manendo


  “I am so honored to play a small roll with my friends at SEMA and enjoy meeting likeminded legislators from across the country,” said Senator Manendo. “Thank you SEMA for all the hard work you do and looking forward to seeing you again this November.”

Nevada Senator Mark Manendo has been a longtime friend to the SEMA Action Network (SAN). His membership in the SEMA-supported State Automotive Caucus dates back to the group’s inaugural year in 2005. Notably, he is the only state lawmaker to attend every Caucus legislative dinner held during the SEMA Show. Manendo’s close connection comes as no surprise as he represents a portion of the city of Las Vegas, home to SEMA’s namesake trade show for four decades.

Mark is currently chair of Nevada’s Senate Transportation Committee. Prior to being elected as a Senator, he served in the State Assembly from 1994–2010. In 2001, he held the position of Assistant Majority Whip. The seeds of Manendo’s public service in local government began while working on the campaign of his own assembly member.

Mark’s perspective and involvement with his community has allowed him to proudly serve his constituents for decades. With a degree in Business Administration and a professional background in marketing, he understands the important role that small businesses play in his district. He also has earned degrees in Hotel, Restaurant and Casino Management & Resort Occupation and went though the Darden Executive Business Administration Course for Emerging Political Leaders at the University of Virginia. Prior to her passing, it was widely known that Manendo’s mother Marie was often his beloved collaborator on civic projects. “Mark is no stranger to advocacy and he is drawn to giving a voice to those causes where his voice is most needed. He continues to be recognized as perhaps the leading legislative voice in the country for animal rights,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald.

When Nevada’s auto enthusiasts are impacted by proposed legislation, Manendo is often among the first legislators called. As you might be aware, the state has introduced legislation in the last two sessions that threatened to alter the registration requirements for “classic” vehicles. Like the SAN, Manendo is aware that there are instances of abuse of hobby car registration plates in his state. However, he has cautioned his colleagues that in seeking to punish the abusers, these bills should not unfairly inconvenience legitimate owners of classic vehicles. He will be among those working with the SAN to discuss practical methods by which the law can be applied to better target the abusers in Nevada.