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Tag and Title Toolbox

The One-Stop Shop for Everything You Need to Register and Title Your Hobby Car

On behalf of hobbyists nationwide, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) maintains a compilation of state laws and regulations governing specialty motor vehicles. The compilation is a one-stop shop for state resources listing each state’s specialty vehicle definitions, registration and titling provisions; inspection criteria; and other requirements and exemptions. Known as the Tag & Title Toolbox, the compilation also includes key administrative forms that can be printed for titling and registering specialty vehicles at DMVs nationwide.

The term “specialty vehicle” includes the following vehicle classes: ancient, antique, assembled, classic, collectible, collector, custom, exhibition, historic, homemade, horseless carriage, kit, modified, parade, parts, rebuilt, reconstructed, replica, show, special interest, specially constructed, street cruiser, street rod and vintage. Given that a uniform system for defining such specialty vehicles does not exist among the states, applicable definitions for each state are listed separately at the beginning of each state’s document to clarify the language in the statutes and regulations.

The information is current for 2012 but subject to change in the future. The SAN advises hobbyists to also directly consult the statutes and regulations for states of interest to ensure the accuracy of the information.