Up Close and Personalized

Guide to State-By-State License Plate Requirements Enhanced

Remember when only limited options existed on what tag(s) could be displayed on your favorite ride—if any choice was offered at all? Public officials have wisely turned to alternative license plates for raising funds as personalized offerings have become popular throughout the nation. Some states have gone even further with legislative proposals to remove the requirement of a plate displayed at the front of certain vehicles. These legislatures recognize that many of the most sought-after vehicles simply weren't designed with forward-facing identification in mind. Included are a great number of classic and late-model offerings, such as musclecars, sports cars, exotics and even Tesla models.

Given the choice, the automotive community would prefer to run only a single, rear-mounted plate. Government proposals seeking such an outcome are overwhelmingly favored by enthusiasts when considered. After all, don't these laws save states money, conserve resources and protect the aesthetic contours of collector vehicles?

As alternative plates and the laws governing them shift with time, keeping tabs on a state's current policies has never been more important. SAN fulfilled the need for a comprehensive resource after tracking and influencing license-plate legislation nationwide. A refreshed and up-to-date, fully interactive map of the nation makes it quick and easy to look up each state's requirements online. A detailed compilation with supporting images is linked below that includes the latest hobby-specific plates available in each state. Details can be found at semaSAN.com/licenseplates. Those looking to purchase or apply for a specialty plate are advised to check with their local DMV for guidance and paperwork.

There is no doubt that while individual support for single-plate bills is important, mass organization by enthusiasts is vital. We have the opportunity to impact the future of these laws, so spread the word! Encourage those you know to become informed and ready when a critical moment arises; have them enlist now at semaSAN.com. Everyone can help the cause and get involved without any cost or commitment.