Offseason Tune-Up for Online Arsenal

The legislative "off season" has arrived. As the summertime wanes, so do the state legislative sessions. While the good fight for our hobby is never finished, most legislatures have adjourned by now. The business of proposing and enacting tomorrow's laws will largely be at rest for the remainder of 2019. Lawmakers nationwide leave the capital behind in favor of their home districts.

For the SAN, the moment is being seized. Dedicated followers know each legislative session is focused on influencing the course of bills impacting cars and trucks. As the sessions conclude, the SAN leverages other energies behind the scenes. Portions of the revitalized website are receiving greater attention, such as the state-by-state online resource guides. Recently, a full update was made to the compilation of exhaust noise laws found online at semaSAN.com/Noise. The mobile-friendly page contains a comprehensive list of exhaust-noise statutes organized by state.

A fully interactive map of the nation is now featured for quick reference anywhere. The ever-popular Tag & Title Toolbox—where one can learn how to title and register vehicles in their state—is undergoing refurbishment as well. Additional revisions and improvements to the digital platform will continue to be launched as completed—stay tuned! Check out these tools and share with others. Make sure to ask for their commitment in the coming year by enlisting now at semaSAN.com/Join.