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Members of the West Virginia legislature greeted 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour participants during the stop in Charleston.

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Extend a Warm Welcome to Your Elected Officials


State capitols are filled with fresh faces as a result of the midterm election last November. At this point, legislative sessions have begun adjourning across the country. There is no better chance to build new bridges or reinforce existing relationships than when lawmakers return to their home districts for the remainder of the year—especially those new to their seat. Make the most of this opportunity by learning about your state legislators that have chosen to be recognized for their support of the automotive hobby. This esteemed group comprises the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus, represented in each of the 50 states. A nationwide recruiting effort is currently bringing in the newest additions—look for an update on who’s joined in an upcoming story.

Meanwhile, the entire roster of caucus members is posted on the SAN website at www.semaSAN.com/StateCaucus. Each legislator’s name serves as a direct link to their public webpage, containing contact information at the capitol and home districts. Helpful information such as committee assignments, sponsored-legislation and a short biography are commonly included. The latest state news, comprehensive legislative calendars, leadership listings and other resources are also available. Locate your elected officials on the website under the “Legislators” tab.

Express your gratitude for caucus members representing you by reaching out to say “thanks.” Better yet, invite them to a local car show, club meeting or Collector Car Appreciation Day celebration in July! If you are unable to connect with a lawmaker directly, make an appointment with a staff member. Generally, staffers are the eyes and ears of the legislator and responsible for drafting, recommending or derailing legislation. Best practices on presentation skills in advance of a meeting can be found in the SAN’s “Guide to Lobbying Your Elected Officials” posted at www.semaSAN.com/Lobby.