SEMA Individual Member - Protect Your Freedoms

Will You Help SEMA Further Combat Attacks to Our Hobby?
New SEMA Individual Membership Takes Advocacy to the Next Level

Dear SEMA Action Network (SAN):


Thank you for your dedication to our cause as automotive advocates. Your efforts help safeguard our hobby from serious threats. As you're likely aware, enthusiasts are being hit by unjust, unfair, and unnecessary government actions across the nation. To strengthen our fight together and win the battles ahead, our collective influence must become unmatched. And, to make the amount of noise required for those in elected positions to listen more intently, deeper involvement must come from everyone.


For nearly 60 years, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) has been a trade-based, business-to-business (or "B2B") organization focused on those companies that make up the industry's supply chain – this model has been rather effective over the years. But the world around us is changing fast and so too must SEMA.


SEMA's leadership is as committed as ever to our hobby's future, and advocating for our right to preserve, restore, and modify is their top priority. Finally, a new Individual Membership has been created as a first-ever opportunity for passionate enthusiasts like you to become a part of the association in a far stronger way. This unique effort goes beyond the SAN's long-standing mission with crucial reinforcement.


Join SEMA Now


Additional means will now allow further contribution to the cause. As part of this new membership, SEMA will seek to:

  1. Build a unique SEMA Individual Membership network of supporters of the automotive lifestyle.
  2. Expand SEMA Political Action Committee (PAC) fundraising opportunities within the enthusiast community.
  3. Grow our voice with elected officials on relevant legislation and regulations critical to enthusiasts.


Full details of the program's current scope are posted under the "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" menu at the following link: SEMA Individual Membership


The good fight for our cause must be won. Please help our entire community conquer the battles ahead by stepping up as an official SEMA Individual Member today. Many thanks for your consideration and ongoing support!