The Fast and the Furious: From ICE Vehicles to Motorsports, SEMA Secures Wins in Multiple States

When it comes to getting things done in politics, it's no secret that the federal government moves at a pace that can only be described as glacial. While our esteemed congressmen and women are busy playing political games and filibustering themselves into oblivion, state legislatures are getting the real work done – and they're doing it at lightning speed.

Why do state lawmakers work so efficiently when compared to their colleagues in Washington, DC? For starters, state legislatures are much smaller and more nimble than their federal counterparts. With fewer representatives to wrangle and less bureaucracy to navigate, state legislators can often act quickly and decisively on issues that matter to their constituents. Want to pass a bill on healthcare reform? In a state legislature, that might take a matter of weeks. In Congress, it might take a matter of years.