The Class of 2023

This year's recruiting effort has once again brought an impressive number of state-level lawmakers into the SEMA community.  To follow is the complete roster of those who have become involved this year.  Find out if your lawmakers are listed at semaSAN.com/StateCaucus.  Locate your elected officials at semaSAN.com under the "Legislators" tab—direct link: https://p2a.co/lZ0L1kI

With more than 50 new members enlisting this year, the SEMA-supported State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus now numbers nearly 600 members representing all 50 states.  Founded in 2005, the Caucus is designed as a non-partisan group of state legislators whose common thread is an appreciation for automobiles.


State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus


Rep. Junie Joseph (D-CO-10)
Sen. Cleave Simpson Jr. (R-CO-6)


Rep. Kevin Chambliss Sr. (D-FL-117)
Rep. Rita Harris (D-FL-44)


Sen. John Albers (R-GA-56)


Sen. Rick Just (D-ID-15)


Sen. Omar Aquino (D-IL-2)
Sen. Cristina Castro (D-IL-22)


Rep. Chad Aull (D-KY-79)
Rep. Kim Banta (R-KY-63)
Rep. Beverly Chester-Burton (D-KY-44)


Del. Ken Kerr (D-MD-3)


Sen. John Lowe Sr. (N-NE-37)


Assemblymember Ken Gray (R-NV-39)


Rep. Jessica Miranda (D-OH-28)

South Carolina

Rep. Brandon Guffey (R-SC-48)
Sen. Larry Grooms (R-SC-37)


Sen. Bill Powers (R-TN-22)


Rep. Jordan Teuscher (R-UT-44)

West Virginia

Del. Flimsy Adkins (R-WV-30)
Del. Eric Brooks (R-WV-45)
Del. Jim Butler (R-WV-18)
Del. Jarred Cannon (R-WV-21)
Del. Geno Chiarelli (R-WV-78)
Del. Elias Coop-Gonzalez (R-WV-67)
Del. Mike DeVault (R-WV-74)
Del. Corby Dillon (R-WV-29)
Del. Lori Dittman (R-WV-63)
Del. Bob Fehrenbacher (R-WV-11)
Del. Dave Foggin (R-WV-14)
Del. Anita Hall (R-WV-36)
Del. Walter Hall (R-WV-58)
Del. Scot Heckert (R-WV-13)
Del. Kathie Hess Crouse (R-WV-19)
Del. Rick Hillenbrand (R-WV-88)
Del. Mike Hite (R-WV-92)
Del. Mike Hornby (R-WV-93)
Del. Todd Kirby (R-WV-44)
Del. Larry Kump (R-WV-94)
Del. Patrick Lucas (R-WV-24)
Del. Keith Marple (R-WV-69)
Del. Mickey Petitto (R-WV-70)
Del. Elliott Pritt (R-WV-50)
Del. Bill Ridenour (R-WV-100)
Del. Mark Ross (R-WV-28)
Del. Andy Shamblin (R-WV-59)
Del. Chuck Sheedy Sr. (R-WV-7)
Del. George Street (R-WV-83)
Del. Darren Thorne (R-WV-89)
Del. Adam Vance (R-WV-35)
Del. Debbie Warner (R-WV-82)
Del. Jimmy Willis (R-WV-3)
Sen. Jay Taylor Jr. (R-WV-14)