October 2009


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Keep Your Foot On the Gas
With Most Legislatures in Recess, Now is the Time to Voice Your Opinion
“We the people of the United States” are not just words from the first line of an old document. We are the people who love muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, tuners, replicas, off road trucks, and many other varieties of automotive pursuits that are as diverse as the country in which we live. We are also the people who have to work to protect our automotive passions from unnecessary, unfair, or well intentioned but poorly written laws and regulations. Fortunately, we the people live in a country where we can still make a difference in how we are governed.
Our greatest tool in making that difference is our voice. By speaking out on issues that concern the automotive hobby, contacting our representatives, and working constructively with government officials, we have the power to protect our passion and keep it safe for future generations of auto hobbyists and enthusiasts. With most legislatures out of session, representatives are in their home districts and typically have more time to meet casually with their constituents. This is also the time of year when they are planning for the next legislative session and deciding which bills to introduce. Contacting them now can have a tremendous impact by raising their awareness of issues that could impact our hobby during the next session. That is what makes right now the perfect time to get involved and build relationships with your legislators, so hit the gas and keep your foot down!
The SAN’s greatest accomplishments have come about when individual hobbyists and car clubs like you actively participate in the process and make your opinions known to your legislators. The model bill to create pro-hobby registration and titling classifications for street rods, customs and replicas has now been enacted into law in almost 20 states.  These efforts have been successful in large part because of the dedication and effort of SAN members around the country who have actively pursued their legislators in support of the bill.  What about you and your state?  Like these members, you have that same power to positively affect the outcome of legislation to be beneficial to the hobby. To get you started, we have prepared 10 tips you can use when contacting your representatives:
1. Develop and Maintain Relationships with Your Legislators and Their Staff 
Make contact and develop productive relationships with individual legislators. It is the most effective form of grassroots lobbying. It's also important to develop a relationship with their staff who monitor ongoing legislative and community initiatives.
2. Educate Legislators About Our Hobby and Our Issues 
Educate your legislator about the hobby and emphasize the positive impact it has on the community.
3. Maintain a Positive Attitude
Develop a positive relationship with your legislator. The next time an enthusiast-related issue comes up, that same legislator may be needed to support your cause.
4. Stay Informed
Keep up-to-date on SAN Action Alerts, newspaper articles, and hearing notices. Share this information with fellow enthusiasts.
5. Get Involved in the Community
Join with other community groups to build positive exposure. Holding charity runs and fundraisers provide a great opportunity to show local residents and politicians that auto clubs are a positive community force.
6. Build Relationships with the Local Media
Contact local newspapers and radio/TV stations to publicize car shows, charity events, etc.
7. Invite Officials to Participate in Your Events
Give legislators a platform to reach an audience of constituents.
8. Build an Automotive Coalition
Create coalitions to add strength in numbers and ensure that the rights of ALL vehicle enthusiasts are represented. Actively participating in regional and statewide councils will develop a unified message to lawmakers. These types of pro-hobbyist groups can be an influential political force.
9. Spread the Word
Tear off this page of Driving Force and take it to your next club meeting, cruise night or post it on your online forums. Share this information with other enthusiasts who are willing to help lobby for the hobby.
10. Register to Vote
Exercise your right to support pro-hobby candidates. Constituents are an elected official's number-one priority. Without you and your vote of support, they would not be in office, so make sure you're registered and get out and vote.
Each month Driving Force will feature members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. The SEMA-supported caucus is a bipartisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles.
Here is its newest member:
Ohio State Representative Mark Schneider
Spotlight: Canada 
SAN & The Saskatchewan Raised Vehicle Regulation
The SAN submitted technical comments to a regulatory proposal issued by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) to regulate raised vehicles in the province.  SGI operates the province’s driver’s licensing and vehicle registration system.  SGI regulators claim that the number of raised vehicles imported into and operating in Saskatchewan has increased, prompting inquiries from the general public, raised vehicle owners, off-road enthusiasts, vehicle inspection stations and law enforcement with requests to clarify the existing regulations and standards for raised vehicles.  
Under the proposal, all aftermarket raised vehicles operated on Saskatchewan highways would be subject to a raised vehicle inspection after Jan. 1, 2011 and would be required to comply with the new policy.  The policy would be rolled-out in phases to mitigate the impact on existing raised vehicle owners and provide time to train and inform the public, inspection stations and law enforcement.  Prior to Jan. 1, 2011, raised trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles would be permitted a maximum frame height of 31 inches regardless of their gross vehicle weight rating.  After Jan. 1, 2011 the province would impose tiered frame height limits based on a vehicle’s rated operating weight.  
In addition, regulators are considering requiring owners to carry a “Letter of Authorization” issued by the province in order to operate a raised vehicle.  The Letter of Authorization would signify that the vehicle has passed inspection and would be shown to law enforcement during roadside stops to demonstrate compliance with the applicable frame height limit.  The SGI is also considering restricting the maximum speeds of raised vehicles with tires that have a loaded rolling diameter of greater than 35 inches.  
“SEMA and the SAN have a long history of supporting responsible regulations in the matter of raised vehicles and have demonstrated a willingness to work with regional governments to assess and improve regulations with the assistance of comprehensive data and support,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald.  “We are appreciative of the SGI’s engagement of affected businesses and raised vehicle owners prior to issuance of the proposal and anticipate that these discussions, in the end, will result in a fair and reasonable policy.”
In the Driver's Seat
Meeting the new SAN Director
My name is Ethan Landesman and I am excited to introduce myself as a new member of the SEMA government affairs team in Washington, D.C. and as your new Director of the SEMA Action Network (SAN).  I am taking over for Jason Tolleson as he will be supporting our cause in another role with SEMA.  I am happy to take the torch as director of the premier organization defending the rights of auto hobbyists all over the country.  I look at this as a starting point from which to build, with your help, an even stronger more successful network dedicated to ensuring a future that is free for all of our automotive passions.
Growing up in Los Angeles, it was natural for me to develop a love of cars from an early age as they represented not only freedom but also an outlet for personal expression. Going to the L.A. auto show every year soon turned into tearing apart my first car, a 93 Jeep Cherokee, to install an awesome sound system and cold air induction kit. My next car, a 2005 Pontiac GTO, took me to the car club scene through organizing and participating in car cruises all over Southern California. I also expanded my love of all things with big engines by learning to ride motorcycles, adding a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R to my garage and going on cruises through the mountains and deserts of Southern California.
While automobiles are my first obsession, my second, politics, brought me to Washington, D.C. where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from American University. Upon graduating with honors in 2004, I returned home to Los Angeles and soon found myself enjoying my love of cars on a professional level as a District Service Manager at the General Motors Regional Consulting Center for the western United States. It was at this time that I began the next stage of my educational development by enrolling in the Master of Business Administration program at California Lutheran University. I graduated from the MBA program 2 years later while at my next job, working in the field of accessories at Vehicle Accessory Center (VAC), General Motors Accessory Distributor for Southern California and Las Vegas. Working in the field calling on dealerships for VAC I learned the nuts and bolts of the aftermarket accessory business and witnessed the type of regulation that SAN strives to protect us from. 
I am now proud to be part of the SEMA team, which has provided me with the incredible opportunity to combine my two passions into one exciting career working for you.  To that end, I am looking forward to coming out to your events and getting a chance to meet you and listen to your thoughts on the legislative issues of concern to our hobby.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to introduce yourself, ask questions, or voice any concerns you may have.  I can be reached by phone at 202/783-6007, ext. 39 and by e-mail at ethanl@sema.org
Rust Free and Ready for Love
1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS
Owner: Patrick Shatz
Tipp City, Ohio
I’ll never forget going to see this car for the first time in 1986. It was a ‘68 Camaro for $1,500, and I thought it was too good to pass up.  Living in Michigan at the time, I raced down to Ann Arbor to inspect my find.  It turned out that this car had been pummeled in a hail storm and the only good panel on the car was the roof, which had been preserved by a piece of plywood.  Every other panel had golf ball size divots and the interior was weathered and faded from the sun.
All this was a non issue though, because this car was rust free, and that’s what intrigued me.   All the areas that typically rust were free of decay, and for the negotiated price of $1,300 I drove it home.   My vision was to create a Camaro that had the look and stance of a Trans Am road racer.
I performed all the restoration work including upholstery, drivetrain, chassis, electrical, body and paint.  As it sits now, the Camaro is equipped with a 383 small block, Tremec 6-speed, 4 wheel disc brakes, 18 inch aluminum wheels, and various suspension modifications that make this car flat out handle.   Being 6’4”, I wanted to be comfortable driving it, so I designed and fabricated mounting brackets for the seat track that moved the seat back another seven inches.
I’ve had this car on several road courses that include Road America, Mid-Ohio, and Grattan.  It’s a blast to drive.  I recently completed the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour as a Long Hauler in this Camaro.
My current project is a 1968 Pontiac Firebird HO 400 convertible.  My next project will be a 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible.  The GTO will be taken on a Route 66 trip once complete. 
Crusin' For a Cause
The Wheels That Heal Car Club
The "Wheels That Heal" Car Club, of Salisbury Maryland, has a proud tradition of utilizing automobiles not just for fun, but to help others. Formed by Steve and Barbara Mixter, the club's sole mission is to host car shows and events for the benefit of local charities and families-in-need.  Wheels That Heal has raised and donated over $300,000 to needy causes in their community.
The only requirement for membership in Wheels that Heal is a dedication to work for the benefit of the community. They hold monthly cruises as well as several other events each year, including the Wheels on the Waterfront and Food Bank car shows, with all the proceeds going to their charity efforts. Their charity committee spends countless hours searching for and interviewing potential recipients, looking for the person or family that is most needy at the time. 
The Wheels that Heal signature event is the “Cruise for a Cause,” in which they raise money to help a person or family overcome a medical hardship by easing their financial burden. This year, the 10th annual Cruise for a Cause is being held on Saturday October 17th, to benefit David Griswald, a U.S. Air Force veteran who suffers from cancer.
In the words of one of their members: “We don’t have a clubhouse, fancy dinners, cocktail parties or even money left over at year’s end. What we do have is the warmth in our hearts that we did what we could.”
The Wheels That Heal Car Club has also been awarded the Eagle One Golden Rule Award for outstanding achievement in community service for the East Region in both 2004 and 2007.
For additional information on The Wheels That Heal Car Club and their events, please visit their website at http://www.wheelsthatheal.com.
October 10, Sierra Vista
22nd Annual Cars in the Park
Sponsor: Sierra Vista Car Club
Information: http://www.sierravistacarclub.org/ or 520/803-1678
October 14, Sedona
2009 West Coast Holiday
Sponsor: Porsche 356 Registry
Information: http://www.2009westcoastholiday.com/ or 928/204-0507
October 17, Tucson
Tucson Classic Car Show
Information: http://www.tucsonclassicscarshow.com/ or 520/449-5408
October 21-25, Lake Havasu
32nd Annual Run to the Sun
Sponsor: Arizona Relics & Rods
Information: http://www.relicsandrods.com/CarShows/RunToTheSun-09/Schedule.htm or 928/855-0933
October 24-25, Tucson
32nd Annual CHVA Old Cars & Parts Swap Meet & Car Show
Sponsor: Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association
Information: 520/293-3178 or 520/887-7767
October 31, Tucson
3rd Annual Cops and Rodders Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show
Information: http://www.copsandrodderstucson.org or 520/343-0437
October 3, Benton
31st Annual Car & Truck Show
Sponsor: Dixie Car Club
Information: http://clubs.hemmings.com/frameset.cfm?club=dixiecarclub
October 10, Mountain Home
October Car Fest
Sponsor: Classic Chevy Club of North Arkansas
Information: http://www.classicchevyclubofnoar.com/ or 870/425-6575
October 23-24, Little Rock
Big Cruise Fest in the Rock
Sponsor: Arkansas Pontiac Association
Information: http://www.bigcruisefest.com/bigcruisefest.php or 501/370-3201
October 2-4, Sacramento
Golden State Nationals
Information: http://nsra-usa.com/index.php/site/evdet/143 or 901/452-4030
October 4, Redwood City
Horses to Horsepower
Information: http://www.horsestohorsepower.info/ or 650/368-8212
October 4, Anaheim
40th Annual All Ford Picnic & Car Show
Sponsor: Early Ford V-8 Club of American – Southern California Region
Information: http://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/socalearlyfordv-8/ or 714/538-3957
October 9-11, Rio Vista
18th Annual Rio Vista Bass Festival Car Show
Information: http://bassfestival.com/carshow.asp or 707/374-6892
October 11, Burbank
Throttlers 2009 Car Show
Sponsor: San Fernando Valley Model T Club
Information: 818/648-6982
October 16-17, Ocotillo Wells SVRA
Operation Desert Fun
Sponsor: California Association of 4WD Clubs
Information: http://www.cal4wheel.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=71&Itemid=101 or 760/505-3579
October 24, Citrus Heights
OctoberFest Car Show & Toy Run
Sponsor: Capital City Cruisers
Information: http://capitolcitycruisers.org/ or 530/622-6608
District of Columbia
October 10, Washington, DC
Walter Reed Car Show Honoring Our Wounded Warriors
Information: http://www.gws-mbca.org/events/WoundedWarriors.html or 703/765-9405
October 9-11, Tampa
Southeast Nationals
Information: http://nsra-usa.com/index.php/site/evdet/144 or 901/452-4030
October 11, Flagler Beach
Corvettes at the Beach
Sponsor: Flagler County Corvette Club
Information: http://flaglercountycorvetteclub.com/ or 386/437-6888
October 24, Tampa
28th Annual Mustang, Shelby and Ford Roundup
Sponsor: Mustang Club of Tampa
Information: http://mustangcluboftampa.com//web_docs/2009_mosi.pdf or 813/961-3223
October 24, Clearwater
The Annual Corvette Show
Sponsor: Bay Area Corvette Club
Information: http://www.baccvette.us/Event%20Info/DIMMITT%20SHOW%20OCT%2009.pdf
October 10, Ellijay
21st Annual Apple Classic Autoshow
Sponsor: Apple Country Auto Club
Information: 706/273-2582 or 706/635-2221
October 4, Elwood
5th Annual Orphan Show
Sponsor: Illinois Valley Oldsmobile Chapter
Information: http://www.ivocolds.com/ or 815/423-6077
October 16-18, Bowling Green
2nd Nostalgia Nationals
Information: http://good-guys.com/events/eventDetails.aspx?eventid=09-612 or 925/838-9876
October 17, Ocean City
10th Annual Cruise for a Cause
Sponsor: Wheels That Heal Car Club
Information: http://www.wheelsthatheal.com/ or 410/749-5746
October 25, Bel Air
32nd Annual Car Show and Flea Market
Sponsor: Harford Region AACA
Information: http://local.aaca.org/harford/ or 410/877-2912
October 25, Greenbelt
2009 Fall Car Show
Sponsor: Cadillac & LaSalle Club – Potomac Region
Information: http://clcpotomacregion.org/forms/CLCPR.2009FallCarShowFlyer.pdf or 703/791-3278
October 4, Maynard
21st Annual Autofest
Sponsor: Maynard Area Auto Club
Information: http://clubs.hemmings.com/maynardaac or 978/897-3445
October 4, Buzzards Bay
9th Annual British Legends Weekend
Sponsor: Cape Cod British Car Club
Information: http://www.capecodbritishcarclub.org/
October 18, North Andover
1st Annual Car Club Invitational
Sponsor: The Silverstone Club
Information: 508/384-7578 or 866/426-4480
October 4, St. Paul
39th Annual Midwest Fall Swap Meet & Auto Show
Sponsor: Capitol City Chapter of AACA & Twin Cities Model A Ford Club
Information: http://www.midwestswapmeet.com/ or 612/209-2736
New Hampshire
October 18, Canterbury
16th Annual Thunderama 2009
Sponsor: New England’s Vintage Thunderbirds
Information: http://clubs.hemmings.com/frameset.cfm?club=nevt or 603/859-7818
New Jersey
October 4, North Brunswick
22nd Annual Meet
Sponsor: NY/NJ Slant-Six Club
Information: http://clubs.hemmings.com/frameset.cfm?club=nynjslant6 or 732/549-0188
October 4, Kenilworth
25th Annual Street Meet
Sponsor: Garden State Chevelles
Information: http://www.gardenstatechevelles.com/
October 18, Paramus
34th Annual Fall Swap Meet and Peoples Choice Car Show
Sponsor: Class Glass Corvette Association
Information: http://www.classglasscorvette.com/ or 201/327-8904
New York
October 2-4, Durham
5th Annual Mustang and All Ford Fall Round-Up and Car Show
Sponsor: Adirondack Shelby – Mustang Club
Information: http://www.adirondackshelbymustangclub.org/ or 518/634-2541
October 4, Nanuet
30th Annual All Pontiac & Oakland Fall Car Show
Sponsor: Garden State Ponitac Oakland Club International
Information: http://gardenstatepoci.org/ or 201/652-5651
North Carolina
October 18, Denver
5th Annual Benefit Car & Truck Show
Sponsor: Hillbilly Hotrodders
Information: http://hillbillyhotrodders.ipower.com/page5.html or 828/428-0915
October 30-November 1, Charlotte
16th Southeastern Nationals
Information: http://good-guys.com/events/eventDetails.aspx?eventid=09-604 or 925/838-9876
October 31, Wilmington
11th Annual Brits at the Battleship Car Show
Sponsor: British Motor Club of Cape Fear
Information: http://www.bmccf.org/carshowbrochure09.pdf or 910/686-7899
October 2-4, Owensville
33rd Annual Pumpkin Run Nationals
Sponsor: Fastiques Rod & Custom of Southern Ohio
Information: http://www.pumpkinrunnationals.com/ or 513/625-6981
October 7-10, Hershey
2009 AACA Eastern Regional Fall Meet
Sponsor: Hershey Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America
Information: http://www.hersheyaaca.org/ or 717/566-7720
October 11, Houston
14th All Pontiac Car Show
Sponsor: Western PA. Chapter of Pontiac-Oakland Club
Information: 412/922-0616 or 412/833-1441
October 25, Philadelphia
17th Annual Ghosts, Goblins & Chariots Classic Car Show
Sponsor: Far Northeast Cruisers
Information: http://www.farnortheastcruisers.org/ or 215/773-3584
Rhode Island
October 4, Warwick
29th Annual Mustang & Ford Fall Round-Up & Swap
Sponsor: Mustang Car Club of New England
Information: http://www.mccne.com/events.php or 508/674-5462
South Carolina
October 9-10, Myrtle Beach
15th Annual Pow-Wow at the Beach
Sponsor: Palmetto Chapter of the Pontiac Oakland Club International
Information: http://www.palmettopontiacs.org/ or 864/923-3668
October 10, Ladson
22nd Annual Show & Shine
Sponsor: Lowcountry Mopars
Information: http://www.geocities.com/scmopar/#show or 843/797-3246
October 15-17, Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach Fall Cruise
Sponsor: Right Coast Association
Information: http://www.rightcoastcars.com/shows/mbfc/ or 800/753-3978
October 18, Franklin
19th Annual Antique & Classic Car Show
Sponsor: The Battlefield Region of Antique Automobile Club of America
Information: http://battlefieldregionaaca.googlepages.com/ouroctobercarshowimformationpage or 615/974-0990
October 2-3, El Paso
Run To Ruidoso Downs
Sponsor: Early Times Street Rod Association
Information: http://www.zianet.com/rtrd/ or 915/598-0621
October 2-4, Ft. Worth
17th Lone Star Nationals
Information: http://www.lonestarnats.com/ or 925/838-9876
October 17, San Antonio
27th Annual San Antonio Mopar Muscle & Classic Car Show
Sponsor: Mopar Muscle San Antonio
Information: http://www.moparmuscleclub-sa.org/index.html or 830/914-2415
October 23-25, Newport News
7th Annual Virginia Fall Classic
Sponsor: Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council
Information: http://vafallclassic.org/index.php
October 3, Lake Geneva
Geneva Lake Classic Car Rally
Information: http://www.genevalakeclassiccar.com/ or 262/245-4532
Early November 2009
November 6-8, Borrego Springs
Bronco Daze 2009
Sponsor: Early Bronco Registry
Information: http://www.earlybronco.com/ or 760/751-9859
November 1, Clearwater
Mason Dixon Best of the Best
Sponsor: Mustang Club of Tampa
Information: http://www.masondixonchristmaswishfund.com/ or 813/417-2483
November8, Dade City
21th Annual Pasco Bug Jam
Information: http://www.pascobugjam.com/ or 352/567-6678
New Mexico
November 7, Truth or Consequences
13th Annual Veterans’ Day Car Show
Information: http://www.nmstateveteranshome.org/events.shtml or 575/894-4222
Attention Car Clubs, Event Organizers and Enthusiasts!
Put SAN on Your Mailing List!
We’d like to know what’s going on with SEMA Action Network clubs and enthusiasts across the country; what charity events you’re involved in; when and where the rod runs, car shows, trail rides, rallies and tech meetings are held; and what legislative and regulatory issues concern club members and individual enthusiasts. 
One of the best ways to keep us abreast of what’s going on and what’s important to the vehicle hobbies nationwide is