October 2007

California Emissions Testing Bill Dead For the Year
Enthusiasts Rally to Defeat Legislation Requiring Annual Smog Check
In a major victory for enthusiasts in California, the Senate Appropriations Committee rejected SAN-opposed legislation (AB 616) that threatened to require annual smog-check inspections for vehicles 15 years old and older. After having been previously approved by the full California Assembly and the Senate Transportation Committee, the bill is dead for the year.
“Car clubs and individual hobbyists across the state loudly and forcefully objected to passage of this bill,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. “Ultimately, the lawmakers in Sacramento heard their message.”
Through thousands of phone calls and e-mails, SAN members were able to convince committee members that these vehicles constitute a small portion of the overall vehicle population and are a poor source from which to look for emissions reduction.
In correspondence to his constituents, Senator Dave Cox expressed his opposition to the bill, “I have not yet seen any evidence that 15-year-old vehicles pollute our air substantially more than 14-year-old vehicles. Declaring all vehicles 15 years or older are guilty of being gross polluters without any empirical data is backwards and does not reflect the spirit of the law.”
Of additional concern to the enthusiast community were provisions in the bill that would have required that funds generated through the additional inspection fees be deposited into an account which could be used to scrap older cars. “We are especially indebted to those legislators who opposed the bill because it would have placed an undue burden upon car owners simply because their vehicle is older than an arbitrary date set in law,” McDonald added.
The SAN would like to thank the countless individuals and car clubs whose dedication and persistence in contacting lawmakers in Sacramento as this bill moved through the legislative process. Special thanks to the Association of California Car Clubs for the coordinated effort by their member clubs in opposing this bill.
Tracking Down the Legislative Trail
My name is Mark Hill, and I recently joined SEMA’s Washington, DC, office as the new Research Coordinator. I look forward to continuing the successful job done by my predecessors. From attending auto shows with my dad as a kid to off-roading during college, the auto industry has always had an influence on my life growing up in Michigan.
While at Northern Michigan University, when I was not studying for my political science degree, my time was spent in a Jeep on the many trails of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I was your typical Jeep “just empty every pocket” owner as I constantly had a project I was working on. I have always enjoyed seeing the work done in the garage converted to performance on the trail.
SEMA now gives me the opportunity to use my education and experiences to help protect the rights that, as auto enthusiasts, you and I enjoy. I look forward to working hard so we can all continue cruising around town in a street rod or tracking down a trail in a Jeep. Please feel free to call me at 202/783-6007 ext. 38 or via e-mail at markh@sema.org, if you need any help.
New York Caucus Members Take Part in Vintage Car Show
New York State Assemblywoman Ginny Fields and Assemblyman Steve Engelbright, both members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus, recently attended the weekly Vintage Car Show at Oakdale Lighthouse Commons. For the past couple years, local vintage car owners have gathered every Thursday evening to showcase their restored cars of yesteryear and share their knowledge with local residents.
"As a car enthusiast, I’ve had a love and appreciation for classic automobiles for many years. I now own a ’54 Kaiser-Darrin and participate in a weekly car show in my district that brings hundreds of other collectors of all generations."
--New York State Assemblywoman Ginny Fields
All in the Family
1972 Buick Skylark 350 Custom
Owner: John Franz
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Our family’s ’72 Buick Skylark 350 Custom has seen many miles and many changes. When my mom stopped driving in 1980, it became my daily driver. Several years later I was on my way home from work one day and was broadsided by a pickup. Unwilling to part with this family heirloom, the car sat in my driveway untouched for a year. While the body damage rusted and the carpet became moldy, the engine fired up every time.
Seeing the Skylark in disrepair, a neighborhood teenager approached me and wanted to use the car in demolition derbies. The thought of the car I inherited from my mother being mangled and destroyed spurred me into action. It was time to restore it.
A local shop fixed the body damage and repainted it with a GM Medium Garnet Red. I even decided to remove the white vinyl roof and paint that red as well.  The original Rochester two-barrel was replaced with a Holly 650, and the transmission was rebuilt using a B&M shift kit. Final touches to the interior include black carpet and re-dyed white seats.
When my great-nephew turns 16 this year, I plan to pass along the Buick and look forward to many more miles of cruisin’ ahead.
UNDER THE HOOD: Stock 350 with Holley 650 Double Pumper; TH350 with B&M shift kit; dual exhaust with side exit
OUTSIDE: GM Medium Garnet Red poly paint; stock factory chrome wheels with Firestone Firehawk tires
INSIDE: Stock interior with Summit dash-mounted tach, CD player
Lobby for the Hobby
10 Tips to Effectively Lobby Your Lawmakers
After hearing about everything that goes on in politics and government, for many people lobbying has become a dirty word. However, it's important to remember that our system of representative democracy was created to give citizens a voice in the operations of government. Getting involved in the political process and staying vigilant are the best ways you as a hobbyist can help keep the automotive hobby thriving and protect it from unfair laws and restrictions. Joining the SEMA Action Network is a great first step in getting informed about the issues, with Driving Force, Legislative Action Alerts, and the SAN website all at your disposal. The next step is learning how to put these resources to good use. The following are some tips that will allow you to most effectively lobby your elected officials:
1. Develop and Maintain Relationships with Your Legislators and Their Staff 
Make contact and develop productive relationships with individual legislators. It is the most effective form of grassroots lobbying. It's also important to develop a relationship with their staff who monitor ongoing legislative and community initiatives.
2. Educate Legislators About Our Hobby and Our Issues 
Educate your legislator about the hobby and emphasize the positive impact it has on the community.
3. Maintain a Positive Attitude
Develop a positive relationship with your legislator. The next time an enthusiast-related issue comes up, that same legislator may be needed to support your cause.
4. Stay Informed
Keep up-to-date on SAN Action Alerts, newspaper articles, and hearing notices. Share this information with fellow enthusiasts.
5. Get Involved in the Community
Join with other community groups to build positive exposure. Holding charity
runs and fundraisers provide a great opportunity to show local residents and
politicians that auto clubs are a positive community force.
6. Build Relationships with the Local Media
Contact local newspapers and radio/TV stations to publicize car shows,
charity events, etc.
7. Invite Officials to Participate in Your Events
Give legislators a platform to reach an audience of
8. Build an Automotive Coalition
Create coalitions to add strength in numbers and ensure that the rights of
ALL vehicle enthusiasts are represented. Actively participating in regional
and statewide councils will develop a unified message to lawmakers. These
types of pro-hobbyist groups can be an influential political force.
9. Spread the Word
Tear off this page of Driving Force and take it to your next club meeting,
cruise night or post it on your online forums. Share this information with
other enthusiasts who are willing to help lobby for the hobby.
10. Register to Vote
Exercise your right to support pro-hobby candidates. Constituents are an
elected official's number-one priority. Without you and your vote of support, they would not be in office, so make sure you're registered and get out and vote.
It’s All About Access
The North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC) meets twice a year to promote motorized recreation and our interests in it. NAMRC is an alliance of organizations, which facilitates communications and shares information, expertise and resources to enhance unity. NAMRC helps the organized motorized recreation community and other interested groups become more effective in their efforts to maintain, improve and expand opportunities and experiences in our many forms of recreation.
Two of the original founders of NAMRC, Del Albright with the BlueRibbon Coalition and Sugar Fields of the East Coast 4WD Association, still nurture this organization after 10 years of activism. According to Albright, “Nothing can be more important in the battles for our recreational pursuits than to participate in national collaborative efforts, such as NAMRC, wherein businesses and grassroots folks can work together to ensure our future.”
The SAN is a proud supporter of NAMRC and its efforts to bring organizations, clubs and supporters of motorized access together on equal ground to develop national solutions to common problems that plague our public and private lands all across the country.
The next NAMRC meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 29 in Las Vegas. For more information on NAMRC and its upcoming meeting, visit www.namrc.com.
October 12–14, Moundville
12th Annual Car & Tractor Show
Sponsor: Rollin-Oldies Antique Vehicle Club
Information: 205/371-2803
October 13, Auburn
Festival of Wheels
Information: www.elegantcars.com
October 13, Sierra Vista
20th Annual Cars in the Park
Sponsor: Sierra Vista Car Club
Information: www.sierravistacarclub.org or 520/378-3096
October 13, Phoenix
Phoenix in the Fall
Sponsor: Mopars Unlimited of Arizona
Information: www.moparsunlimitedofaz.com/show or 623/322-5194
October 17–21, Lake Havasu City
Relics and Rods 30th Annual Run to the Sun
Sponsor: Relics and Rods
Information: www.relicsandrods.com or 928/855-0933
October 5–7, Arkadelphia
Sponsor: Arkansas Street Rod Association
Information: 501/941-0803
October 6, Benton
Car and Truck Show
Sponsor: Dixie Car Club
Information: 501/316-0552
October 20, Jonesboro
Car Show and Swap Meet
Sponsor: Crowley’s Ridge Cruisers
Information: 870/932-6110
October 26–27, Little Rock
Big Cruise Fest
Information: www.bigcruisefest.com
October 5–7, Sacramento
Golden State Nationals
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com
October 7, La Palma Park
38th Annual All Ford Picnic and Car Show
Sponsor: Early Ford V-8 Club of America, Southern CA Region #11
Information: 949/675-4234
October 8, Tustin
All-Chevy Show
Sponsor: VCCA, Orange County Region
Information: www.ocvcca.org or 714/633-8210
October 21, Huntington Beach
Das O.C.T.O Fest 2007
Sponsor: Orange County Transporter Organization
Information: www.octo.org or 714/374-7506
October 14, Stafford Springs
Fall Swap Meet
Sponsor: Ty-Rods Auto Club
Information: 860/649-3697
October 7, Wilmington
CCND Annual Corvette Show
Sponsor: Corvette Club of Northern Delaware
Information: www.vetteclub.org or 302/479-0012
October 12–14, Tampa
Southeast Nationals
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com
October 13, Tampa
Mustang, Shelby and Ford Roundup
Sponsor: Mustang Club of Tampa
Information: www.mustangcluboftampa.com or 813/961-3223
October 6, Atlanta
9th Annual Southeast Regional AMC 
Car Show & Swap Meet
Sponsor Peach State AMO
Information: www.peachstateamo.com
October 13, Ellijay
19th Annual Apple Classic Auto Show at 
River Park Civic Center
Information: 706/273-3011 or 404/626-2350
October 20, Atlanta Motor Speedway
Corvettes Against Breast Cancer 5
Sponsor: Corvettes Serving America & Pacesetters Club
Information: www.csafoundation.org or 404/944-4771
October 14–15, Bristow
15th Octoberfest Car Show
Sponsor: Wayne & Friends
Information: 502/937-9781
October 13–14, Cedar Rapids
AACA Cedar Rapids Region Swap Meet
Sponsor: AACA, Cedar Rapids Region
Information: 319/378-3873
October 12–14, Richmond
Boonesborough Boogie Nationals Show
Sponsor: Southern Knights of Central Kentucky
Information: www.southernknightsofcentralkentucky.com or 502/863-3960
October 20, Louisville
Hot Rod Cruise Night
Sponsor: Okolona Street Rods
Information: www.okolonastreetrods.com
October 27, Lafayette
Bayou Bug Bash VW Show
Information: www.cajunvw.net
October 14, York
York Harvestfest Classic Car Show & Craft Fair
Sponsor: Twin State Cruiser’s Car Club
Information: 603/834-3955
October 27, Stevensville
Kent Island Cruisers Halloween Cruise-In & Car Show
Sponsor: Kent Island Cruisers
Information: 410/643-4582
October 7, Webster
Dudley Lions Club Yesteryear 2007 Auto Show
Information: 508/943-9343
October 21, Brookline
Swedish Car Day
Sponsor: Volvo North America
Information: www.mot.org or 617/522-6547
October 28, Brookline
Studebaker Day
Sponsor: Ocean Bay Chapter, Studebaker Owner’s Club
Information: hagney@mot.org
October 6, Aurora
23rd Annual Car & Truck Show
Information: auroracoc@mo-net.com
October 12–14, Branson
Fall Festival Car Show Extravaganza
Information: carsplusvettes@wmconnect.com
October 26–27, Boulder City
Las Vegas AMC Reunion
Sponsor: Southern Nevada AMC Club
Information: 702/985-7647
October 28, Las Vegas
World Premier Concours d’Elegance
Information: www.lasvegasconcours.com
October 7, Bridgeton
Wheels of Thunder 10th Car Show
Sponsor: Wheels of Thunder Classic Car Club
Information: www.wheelsofthunder.org
October 7, New Brunswick
20th Annual Picnic/Meet at the 
Agricultural Museum of New Jersey
Sponsor: NY-NJ Slant Six Club of America
Information: www.bencar.freeyellow.com/NYNJSLANTSIXCLUBOFAMERICA.html
October 7, Rockville Center
Fall Ford and Mustang Showdown
Sponsor: Crossbay Cruisers
Information: crossbaycruisers@yahoo.com
October 26–28, Charlotte
14th Southeastern Nationals
Sponsor: Good Guys
Information: www.good-guys.com
October 12–14, Tulsa
Super Chevy Show
Information: www.superchevyshow.com
October 3–7, Carlisle
Fall Carlisle
Information: www.carsatcarlisle.com
October 5–6, Lititz
18th Annual All-Mack Truck Show
Information: www.aths.org/shows.asp
October 7, Northampton
Truck Show
Sponsor: Greater Lehigh Valley Antique Club of America
Information: prtildy@aol.com
October 10-13, Hershey
AACA National Fall Meet
Sponsor: AACA
Information: http://local.aaca.org/hershey or 717/566-7720
October 6, Exeter
Warwick Rotary Car Show
Information: 978/249-0435
October 7, Newport
6th Annual Middletown Rotary 
“Ft. Adams Fall Car Festival”
Information 401/619-0964
October 7, Lancaster
Sound Off Link Up Show
Information: smkoss@excite.com
October 18–20, Myrtle Beach
The Year One Myrtle Beach Fall Cruise
Sponsor: Right Coast Association
Information: www.rightcoastcars.com
October 18–21, Myrtle Beach
Return to the Beach 8
Sponsor: Carolina PT Cruisers
Information: www.returntothebeach.com
October 6, Columbia
3rd Annual Charity Car Show
Sponsor: New Life Antiques
Information: nlcarshow@hotmail.com or 931/388-7533
October 6, Lynchburg
Whiskey Runners Cruisin’ the Hollow 2007
Sponsor: Whiskey Runners Car Club
Information: 931/759-6500
October 13–14, Knoxville
SCMC/Ted Russell Mustang and 
Ford Show/Dragon Run VII
Sponsor: SVT Cobra Mustang Club & Ted Russell Ford
Information: www.svtcobraclub.com
October 20, Franklin
AACA Battlefield Region’s 18th Annual Show
Sponsor: AACA Battlefield Region
Information: 615/794-1432
October 5–7, Fort Worth
15th Lone Star Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys Rod & Custom Association
Information: www.good-guys.com
October 5–7, San Antonio
Super Chevy Show–San Antonio Raceway
Information: www.superchevyshow.com
October 20, San Antonio
25th Annual Car, Truck and Model Show
Sponsor: Mopar Muscle Club of San Antonio
Information: www.moparmuscleclub-sa.org or 210/863-0355
October 21, Conroe
5th Annual Fall Classic
Sponsor: Conroe Cruisers
Information: www.conroecruisers.com or 936/856-4480
October 13, 2007
Hugs for Life Car Show
Sponsor: Hugs for Life
Information: www.hugsforlife.info or 801/718-0321
October 13, Virginia Beach
Sponsor: Southeastern Virginia Mustang Club
Information: www.sevmc.org or 757/630-0056
October 26–28, Newport News
5th Annual Virginia Fall Classic
Sponsor: Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council
Information: www.vafallclassic.org or 757/926-7204
Check Out This Early November 2007 Event
November 3, Glen Burnie
3rd Annual Hot Rod Jalopyrama
Sponsor: The Rusty Nuts H.R.G.
Information: www.jalopyrama.com or 440/437-3763