New Methods of Pulling Maximum Power From Our Force

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SEMA Action Network“Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.”
—Dwight D. Eisenhower

As many of you are aware, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) was established in 1997 to arm automotive enthusiasts with the resources necessary to create legislative solutions for the betterment of our hobby. The primary goal was to assemble a strong, informed, cohesive group of dedicated individuals and car clubs who together would serve as front-line combatants in the battle to keep our pastime free from unnecessarily burdensome laws and regulations. From humble beginnings, SEMA’s Government Affairs team developed the SAN with coordinated efforts by phone, fax and mail to rally support for this grassroots endeavor. Now comprised of thousands of individual members representing each state in the Union as well as Canada, we have become acknowledged around the country as a formidable powerhouse. However, there is much still to be done to ensure adequate representation in an increasingly difficult legislative environment.

The diversity of the automotive tastes that members bring to the SAN can be a double-edged sword: while individuality is encouraged, it can often come at the price of a splintered whole. With the current state of legislative proposals coming our way affecting all segments of the hobby, we can do even better. We must continue to employ new and exciting ways of empowering enthusiasts with the tools necessary to affect public policy. The SAN’s armament must evolve in order to appropriately fulfill the Network’s mission and promote rapid growth. In the near future, you will see a refreshed brand consisting of all major elements, beginning with this very newsletter. Obviously, you can already see significant changes to the familiar layout and content of this award-winning publication. We are also launching a new and exciting promotional campaign—“Ignited We Stand”—to encourage additional members to join our ranks.

SEMA Action Network, New Methods of Pulling Maximum Power From Our Force

Like many of you, we are typically reluctant to employ technological gimmicks that often prove to be “fly-by-night.” Yet it is undeniable that certain electronic-based technology, such as the Internet and its social media channels, are here for good. In fact, a recent SEMA Market Research report concluded that “the Internet is increasingly becoming a vehicle enthusiast’s primary research tool.” Beyond that, it is commonly believed that usage of Internet via mobile devices will eclipse desktop computers very soon. With these emerging technologies, we can mobilize our forces within seconds and continue developing resources to empower our agents for positive change. It just makes sense to fully utilize our given resources to their most effective capacity. For example, the next generation of “car club members” is already here. They gather not in person but on web forums and message boards. Similarly, tomorrow’s “classics” are being built right now. Only time will tell which new vehicles will make the cut. Increasingly, successful mediums incorporate engaging photography and video technology wherever possible. We aim to utilize those elements more often as well.

The opportunities to share car photos, stories and current events are greater than ever. If you are a social media user, please “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow” us on Twitter and get involved when future channels emerge. We’ll do our best to reciprocate by doing the same. Please feel free to share a photo of your ride or promote your automotive-related event using the SAN’s social media and utilize the event resources found at www.sema.org/events/industry. We will continue to look forward and find the best methods of spreading the good word about your great contributions to our hobby in the most streamlined way.

In order to give maximum impact to our legislative tools and trend analyses, certain content from our newsletter will be reserved for the new and more timely Driving Force Online, which will be transmitted to SAN members electronically every two weeks. For those of you who currently enjoy receiving a printed Driving Force as a recap of the current legislative landscape, you will continue to receive it on a quarterly basis.

Although it’s been said many times before, the SAN needs you now more than ever. Many are already doing their part to heed the call and defend the future of a pastime we all enjoy. Continue to spread the word and enlist the aid of your friends, family, co-workers, club members and anyone else with an interest. They can get involved at www.semaSAN.com/Join. In the near future, we will be unveiling more resources to aide your participation in creating a widespread groundswell for our cause. Stay tuned as details emerge. On behalf of all of you who make up the SAN, thanks for making us all so proud.