May 2006

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Hobby-Friendly Lawmakers Grow in Numbers and Influence
State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus Now Over 125 Members
In its continuing efforts to promote and protect the auto hobby, SEMA and the SEMA Action Network (SAN) are working with state lawmakers from across the country through the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. Formed last year, the Caucus is a bi-partisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles. To date, over 125 state legislators from California to Maine and points in between are involved in the Caucus.
“From pre-World War II classics to street rods to 60s-era muscle cars to late model imports and everything in between, the automobile stands as a testimony to ingenuity and craftsmanship while serving as a source of recreation for tens of thousands of enthusiasts and collectors throughout the country," said Montana State Senator and Caucus Chairman John Brueggeman. "By joining the Caucus, these legislators have demonstrated their commitment to enabling this enthusiasm for years to come.”     Supported by SEMA’s Government Affairs office in Washington, D.C., the Caucus is raising the motor vehicle hobby’s profile in the state legislatures and in the eyes of the public.
“Over the past several years, the work of these lawmakers has brought a series of significant legislative accomplishments for the vehicle enthusiast community on a wide range of issues,” said Steve McDonald, SEMA’s vice president of government affairs. “Through the Caucus, automotive enthusiasts will now be able to quickly identify which state legislators have chosen to be recognized for their support of this great American hobby.”
Colorado Kit Car: A version of SEMA-model legislation (H.B. 1176) to create a statutory titling and registration class for kit cars and exempt these cars from Colorado’s emissions inspection program was approved by the Colorado House of Representatives. The bill was also passed by the Senate Transportation Committee and now awaits consideration by the full Senate. The bill defines a “kit vehicle” as a passenger-type motor vehicle assembled by someone other than a licensed manufacturer, from a manufactured kit that includes a prefab-ricated body and chassis and is accompanied by a manufacturer’s statement of origin.
Kansas Antique Military Vehicles: SAN-supported legislation (H.B. 2882) to allow qualifying military vehicles to be registered and operated on public roadways as “antiques” was approved by the Kansas State House of Representatives. The bill defines an “antique military vehicle” as a vehicle, regardless of the vehicle’s size or weight, which was manufactured for use in any country’s military forces and is maintained to represent its military design. The bill excludes fully-tracked vehicles from this definition. Under current Kansas law, "antique" vehicles must be more than 35-years old and are afforded a one-time registration fee of $40.
Massachusetts Street Rods/Customs: SEMA- model legislation (H.B. 2212) to create a vehicle registration classification for street rods and custom vehicles and provide for special license plates for these vehicles was approved by the Massachusetts Joint Transportation Committee and now moves to the House Ways and Means Committee. The bill defines a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948. The bill allows kit cars and replica vehicles to be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model year designation as the production vehicle they most closely resemble.
Mississippi Blue Dots: A SAN-supported bill (H.B. 489) to allow antique vehicles and street rods to display a blue, violet or purple light as part of the vehicle’s rear stop lamps was signed into law.  Mississippi defines antique motor vehicles as those manufactured more than 25-years ago and street rods as modified vehicles produced by an American manufacturer in 1948 or earlier and used as a safe, non-racing vehicle. The new law follows in the tradition of similar laws enacted in other states, including recently in Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and Rhode Island.
Ohio Inoperable Vehicles: A bill has been introduced in Ohio that would further restrict the ability of state vehicle hobbyists from maintaining inoperable vehicles on private property. The bill provides authority to townships to remove inoperable vehicles deemed to be “junk,” including collector cars, from private property. Under current Ohio law, a junk motor vehicle must be “three model years old or older; apparently inoperable; extensively damaged, including, but not limited to, any of the following: missing wheels, tires, engine or transmission.” The SAN supports legislation that permits the outdoor storage of a motor vehicle if the vehicle is maintained in such a manner as not to constitute a health hazard. These vehicles could be located away from public view, or screened by means of a suitable fence, trees, shrubbery, opaque covering or other appropriate means. The Ohio bill, however, makes no concession for even properly maintained project cars.  
Tennessee Custom Vehicles: SEMA model legislation (S.B. 3222 / H.B. 3344) to create a vehicle registration and titling classification for custom vehicles was passed by the Tennessee Senate. The measure defines a custom as an altered vehicle over 25 years old or manufactured to resemble a vehicle 25 years old or older. Under the bill, kit cars and replica vehicles will be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model year designation as the production vehicle it most closely resembles. The bill exempts customs from periodic vehicle inspections and emissions inspections and from a range of standard equipment requirements. The legislation also provides for a one-time registration fee of $25, valid as long as you own the custom vehicle. The bill will next be considered by a House Transportation subcommittee.  
West Virginia Antiques: SAN-supported legislation (H.B. 4307) that would amend the state’s current law governing antique motor vehicles to permit their use on Friday evenings was signed into law in West Virginia. Under the previous West Virginia law, use of antique vehicles was strictly limited to club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, testing, obtaining repairs and for recreational purposes only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 
Each month Driving Force will feature members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. The SEMA-supported caucus is a bi-partisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles. Here are its newest members:
Senator Denny Altes
Senator Ken Kester 
Representative Larry Liston
Representative Nancy Todd
Senator Steven Amick
Representative Jim Lykam
Senator Chris Steineger
Representative Bob Bethell
Representative Judith Loganbill
Representative Carol Grose
Representative Lawrence Jacobsen
Representative Everett McLeod, Sr.
Representative Nancy Smith
Representative Rick Jones
Representative Duke Powell
Representative Pat Montgomery
Representative Sherman Parker
Representative James Whorton
Senator Jeff Essmann
Senator Jon Tester
Assemblymember Ellen Marie Koivisto
Assemblymember John Oceguera
North Dakota
Representative Alon Wieland
Rhode Island
Senator William Walaska
South Carolina
Representative J. Gary Simrill
Representative John Tidwell
West Virginia
Delegate Robert Beach
A Golden Opportunity
Annual Car Club Legislative Conference to Convene in Sacramento
By Bob Stearns, President, Association of California Car Clubs       
As the hobby continues to grow, so do the challenges and opportunities that face it. In addition to your membership in the SEMA Action Network (SAN), individual enthusiasts and clubs can help in this effort by participating in the Association of California Car Clubs (ACCC).
Formed in 1972, ACCC consists of thousands of automobile hobbyists throughout the state who are interested in California laws and policies regarding collector automobiles. It is a volunteer organization of regional representatives who keep member clubs, individuals and business members across the state informed of issues that impact the hobby. 
To ensure that our message is heard by state officials, ACCC holds a Legislative Conference each year in Sacramento at the Towe Automobile Museum. This conference allows automotive hobbyists to discuss challenges and mutual issues directly with legislators, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Highway Patrol and other officials in the state government. The dates for the 2006 conference are as follows:
May 9, 2006 - A car show on the West steps of the Capitol building. The show will include vehicles from early 1900’s up to the present. We have reserved space for 40 vehicles.
May 10-11, 2006 - Presentations from the California Highway Patrol, Department of Motor Vehicles, California Air Resources Board, Bureau of Automotive Repair, and our friends from the SEMA Action Network. In addition, Assembly Member Mike Villines will address the group on pending legislation before the legislature regarding year of manufacturer plates.
I invite all interested collectors, hobbyists and car enthusiasts to visit our website  at www.acccdefender.org for additional information and registration forms for the Legislation Conference. 
United, we can make good things happen for the State of California.
[Editors Note: The SAN is truly grateful for the efforts of the ACCC and its membership in continuing the fight on behalf of the hobby in California. We look forward to working with them in 2006 to promote hobby-friendly legislation.]
A Street Rod Named “Dezire”
1932 Ford Victoria
Owner: Grady and Echo Burrell
Juliette, GA 
The work on our Ford, which we nicknamed “Dezire,” first started in November, 1995. While the main body is fiberglass, the rest is steel. In 2001 we took her to T&T Customs in Canton, GA, for some updating and by the following February it was back on the road in time for the Detroit AutoRama. As a contender for the Ridler Award, we came home with the First Place Street Sedan and Outstanding Street Rod of Show awards. What an adventure!
Although the body is stock size, there are many modern features in the car. Along with the power windows and seats, it is equipped with air conditioning, a remote CD player/changer and power brakes. With a Cadillac NorthStar engine, it will scoot on down the road and we have driven many miles to various shows in the east.
Drivetrain: 300 h.p. Cadillac NorthStar; 700 R-4 Trans.
Chassis: ACS Frame rails, Pete & Jake’s Center Cross member, Kugel front & rear independent suspension
Brakes: Four-wheel-power disc
Wheels: Halibrand
Paint: PPG Global, base coat/clear coat, black
Interior: Custom leather
Off-Roaders Lose Round In Fight to Restore Access to California Dunes
In a blow to Southern California off-roaders, a federal judge struck down a plan by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to allow off-roading on large sections of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area that were originally closed in 2000. The court ruled that the BLM violated the Endangered Species Act and other federal laws in proposing to reopen approximately 49,000 acres in four areas of the desert dunes to dune buggies and other all-terrain vehicles. In its ruling, the court stated that BLM relied on a flawed report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which concurred that the dunes could be reopened without “jeopardizing” the existence of the Peirson’s Milk-Vetch, an abundant desert plant which was placed on the endangered species list in 1998. The court ordered all parties to file briefs by March 28 outlining potential uses for the closed portions of the dunes. While the SAN supports a balanced approach between land access and conservation, it is disappointed that the court did not accord more deference to the federal agencies that are best suited to determine which areas of the dunes should be open for public access.
May 13, Prattville
Seventh Annual Open Car Show
Sponsor: Heart of Dixie Mustang Club
Information: www.hodmc.org or 334/277-5822
May 13, Prescott
Rod and Custom Car Show
Sponsor: Mountain Top Street Rodders
Information: 928/636-6167 or k.s.gilmore@netzero.net
May 13, Prescott
Mopars on the Mountain
Sponsor: Mopars Unlimited of Arizona
Information: www.moparsonthemountain.com or 928/445-4970
May 20, Tucson
Fords on Fourth
Sponsor: Southern Arizona Mustang Club
Information: www.samctucson.org or 520/622-6118
May 5-7, Pomona
9th Pomona Nitro Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys 
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876
May 5-7, Riverside
Show and Go 2006
Information: www.showandgo.us or 951/780-4055
May 7, Tulare
Thirty-Second Annual Car and Parts Swap Meet
Sponsor: Charter Oak A’s, MAFCA
Information: carnut@sti.net
May 13, Yucaipa
18th Annual Fun Run and Classic Car Show
Sponsor: Past Pleasures Car Club
Information: 909/790-1313
May 27, Rio Linda
Thunder in Depot Park #5
Sponsor: The Thunderbolts
Information: www.capitolautoclub.com or 530/677-4761
May 6, Pueblo
6th Annual Riverwalk Car Show
Sponsor: Outlaws Rod and Custom Club
Information: gchipman@allvantage.com or 719/320-2359
May 26-28, Jacksonville
8th Spring Nationals 
Sponsor: Goodguys 
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876
May 7, Grayslake
41st Annual Grayslake Auto Show
Sponsor: Waukegan and North Shore Chapters, AACA
Information: www.aaca.org/illinois
May 27, Fairfield
Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show
Sponsor: Wayne County Misfits
Information: 618/842-9971
May 7, Raub
Spring Fling Car Show
Information: 815/432-2133
May 13, Sellersburg
11th Annual Mustang and All-Ford Show
Sponsor: Falls City Mustang Club
Information: bigblockgt@fallscitymustangclub.com or 812/283-6543
May 19-21, Nashville
29th Shelby Spring Fling
Sponsor: Indiana SAAC
Information: jcyates@indiana.edu or 812/988-7146
May 13, Madisonville
6th Annual West Kentucky Car Show
Sponsor: Show and Go Car Club
Information: traceydurham@bellsouth.net
May 6-7, Springfield
9th Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts 4-Wheel Jamboree
Information: www.familyevents.com or 317/236-6522
May 26-28, Springfield
Mid-America Street Rod Nationals
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com or 901/452-4030
May 26-28, Laconia
Laconia Nationals
Sponsor: Right Coast Association
Information: www.rightcoastcars.com or 800/753-3978
May 7, Albuquerque
18th Annual Swap Meet
Sponsor: Route 66 Rodders
Information: www.route66rodders.org or 505/299-0570
May 21, Albuquerque
NMCCC/Albuquerque Museum Annual Car Show
Sponsor: NMCCC
Information: oldcarnut1932@earthlink.net or 505/884-7912
May 19-21, Lima
21st Annual Advance Auto Parts Spring 4-Wheel Drive Jamboree Nationals
Information: www.familyevents.com or 317/236-6522
May 5-7, Carlisle
Carlisle Performance and Style 2006
Sponsor: Carlisle Productions
Information: www.carlisleevents.com or 717/243-7855
May 19-21, Carlisle
Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals
Sponsor: Carlisle Productions
Information: www.carlisleevents.com or
717/ 243-7855
May 19-21, Hershey
2nd Dupont Great American Rod & Custom Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys 
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876
May 21, Perkasie
Lake Lenape Jamboree
Sponsor: Goodtime Motorvators
Information: 215/257-5706
May 21, Scott Township
34th Annual Rod Run
Sponsor: Vintage Tin of Western PA
Information: 412/833-7050
May 27, Valley Forge
The Brits Are Back
Sponsor: Delaware Valley Triumphs
Information: www.delvaltrs.org or 610/825-2617
May 5-7, Knoxville
Street Rod Nationals South
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com or 901/452-4030
May 12-14, Omak
13th Annual Swap Meet / Flea Market
Sponsor: Friendly OK Car Club
Information: schukar@bossig.com or 509/826-3154
May 26-28, Seattle
2nd Northwest Nostalgia Drags
Sponsor: Goodguys 
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876
May 13, Concord
30th Annual Car Show and Fish Fry
Sponsor: Boondockers Street Rods
Information: www.boondockersstreetrods.com or 920/261-9880
May 21, Hartford
2nd Annual OCW Car Season Kick-Off
Sponsor: Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin
Information: wioldsclub@wi.rr.com or 262/966-3702
May 21, Milwaukee/Cudahy
Wisconsin Early Mustanger’s 24th Annual All-Ford Show and Swap
Information: www.wemustangers.stangnet.com or 414/764-6726
May 28, Millston
6th Annual Spring Car Show
Information: 715/284-0461
May 27-29, Casper 
Cruisin’ With the Oldies
Sponsor: Oil Capitol Auto Club
Information: www.oilcapitolautoclub.com or 307/265-7314
Early June 2006 Events
June 3-4, Pleasanton
13th Summer Get-Together
Sponsor: Goodguys 
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876
June 2-4, Loveland (Larimer County Fairgrounds)
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876
June 4, Windsor Locks
20th Annual 4C’s Auto Show and Aircraft Exhibit
Sponsor: Connecticut Council of Car Clubs
Information: www.ctccc.org or 860/623-3906
June 3-10, Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour
Kissimmee, FL to Englishtown, NJ
Information: www.hotrod.com
June 2-4, York
Street Rod Nationals East
Sponsor: NSRA
Information: www.nsra-usa.com or 901/452-4030
June 1-4, Greenfield
Dells Run
Sponsor: Fiero Fanatics
Information: www.fierofanatics.com or 414/282-3577
Newly Introduced Legislation
Note: The following state bills are not laws. They were recently introduced and are currently under consideration by the respective state legislatures:
Colorado SB 221: Eliminates the emissions inspection program for vehicles and raises vehicle registration fees by $10.
Connecticut SB 660: Creates a sales tax adjustment program for motor vehicles according to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated from the motor vehicle. Those that pollute more would pay an increased sales tax on vehicles, while those that pollute less would pay a decreased tax or no sales tax at all.
Minnesota SB 2816: Requires adoption of California standards regarding low emission vehicles and updates emissions standards to comply with the federal Clean Air Act.
Missouri HB 2012: Suspends operation of vehicle emissions inspection program on or before Jan. 1, 2007.
Delaware HB 364: Prohibits any person from covering, painting, spraying, masking or taking any action which results in a vehicle’s license plate not being able to be photographed, videotaped, or have its image recorded.
Minnesota SB 3441: Requires ten percent of manufacturer’s new motor vehicles offered for sale in Minnesota to be flexible-fuel vehicles by 2008, 15% in 2009, 20% in 2010, 25% in 2011, and 30% in 2012.
Minnesota HB 3521: Makes vehicle racing a reckless driving offense no matter if the speed was in excess of the maximum speed limit. Also defines exhibition driving, which can be evidenced by screeching tires, throwing of gravel, etc.
Louisiana SB 359: Increases penalties for window tinting violations by sellers, installers, manufacturers, and distributors of sun-screening devices.