March 2011


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Win a Free Trip to the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!
Compete in the SAN Challenge!
Along with defending the rights of hobbyists across the United States and Canada, the SAN is now making dreams come true with a chance to attend the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Known as the SAN Challenge, SAN members will have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize, two entry passes to the Show, lodging and airfare to Las Vegas for this otherwise industry-only event.
Entrants in the SAN Challenge will be responsible for identifying and signing-up new members to SAN, the enthusiast grassroots political network which works to defend and promote the hobby in government. The entrant who enrolls the most new, unique SAN members by September 1, 2011, will be awarded the grand prize. Ten runners-up will win a one-year subscription to the Source Interlink Media automotive publication of their choice.
"This is a perfect way to do your part to ensure the preservation of the hobby," says Mike Dingell, director of the SEMA Action Network. "SAN relies on a strong, broad and vocal group of enthusiasts to fend off attacks aimed at dissolving our rights. Through the SAN Challenge, you can both win an opportunity to participate in the world-famous SEMA Show and play a vital role in the efforts to increase the power of our voice."
The Challenge is open to qualified U.S. and Canadian SAN members, 18 years or older. No purchase necessary. For rules and more information, visit www.semasan.com/challenge or contact Mike Dingell at 202/783-6007 x 38 or e-mail miked@sema.org.
Second Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 8
America Gathers to Recognize Cultural Heritage of the Automobile
The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is proud to announce July 8, 2011, as Collector Car Appreciation Day. This will be the second celebration in what will become an annual event to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. The SAN is now working to secure a Congressional resolution to recognize the day’s significance.
“Last year, the U.S. Senate helped launch the first national Collector Car Appreciation Day by passing Senate Resolution 513 at our request,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs, Steve McDonald. “As a result, thousands of Americans gathered at car cruises, parades and other events to celebrate our nation¹s automotive heritage. As we move forward, the SAN’s commitment to preserving and promoting the automotive hobby through its legislative advocacy, projects and programs is evident in this special day.”
As American automotive enthusiasts, we have a unique understanding of the importance of our cars. We know the significance of the automobile to our nation¹s economic and social fabric. Countless jobs, technological advancements and revenue rely on the industry and its enthusiasts.
Moreover, our hobby is the embodiment of American freedom. Not only are we able to travel freely, but we can express ourselves through the modification of our cars. Automobiles have become an art form. Some enthusiasts prefer to use their vehicles as a rolling canvas to the world.  Others choose to express their competitive nature through motorsports.  Cars also have a unique way of bringing people together. “Time in the garage, at the racetrack or at the local cruise-in has united families and created lifelong friendships between like-minded people,” said Mike Dingell, director of the SEMA Action Network. “Restored vehicles also provide a window to the past and promote our hobby by educating future enthusiasts. Racetracks, car shows, swap meets and the like have provided us all with memories and experiences we will never forget. This day showcases our unique car culture not only to fellow Americans, but to the world.”
The SAN encourages enthusiasts all over the nation to commemorate Friday, July 8 as Collector Car Appreciation Day. To help enthusiasts celebrate, SAN is compiling a list of events happening around the country on July 8, 2011. If you are attending, promoting or know of any car shows, cruises, etc. that are scheduled for Friday, July 8 or that weekend, please forward the information to Mike Dingell at miked@ sema.org. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, we want to know about it! To view an updated list of commemorative events, please visit www.semasan.com/collectorcarappreciationday.
ATTENTION SAN MEMBERS: You Could Be Missing Out on Vital Information!
Are you getting all of the benefits of your SAN membership?
If you don¹t have an e-mail address on file with us, you¹re missing out on the most vital tools and information you need to defend the hobby. That means you¹re not getting up-to-the-minute action alerts, tips to
communicate with lawmakers, special invitations, offers and much more! If you now have an e-mail address and would like to receive this crucial information delivered instantly to your computer, visit
www.semasan.com or call 202/783-6007 x39 to update your contact information.
Your e-mail address will remain confidential and only used to send the information you need to protect the hobby. Please make this important update today!
SAN Releases Tag & Title Toolbox

On behalf of hobbyists nationwide, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) has released a compilation of state laws and regulations governing specialty motor vehicles. The compilation is a one-stop shop for state resources listing each state¹s specialty vehicle definitions, registration and titling provisions, inspection criteria and other requirements and exemptions. Known as the Tag & Title Toolbox, the new compilation also includes key administrative forms that can be printed for titling and registering specialty vehicles at DMVs nationwide. Information on state emissions inspection programs has also been added.  The Tag & Title Toolbox can be found online at www.semasan.com.
The term "specialty vehicle" includes the following vehicle classes: ancient, antique, assembled, classic, collectible, collector, custom, exhibition, historic, homemade, horseless carriage, kit, modified, parade, parts, rebuilt, reconstructed, replica, show, special interest, specially constructed, street cruiser, street rod and vintage. Given that a uniform system for defining such specialty vehicles does not exist among the states, applicable definitions for each state are listed separately at the beginning of each state¹s document to clarify the language in the statutes and regulations.
"For years, the SAN has researched individual state laws in order to identify states that would benefit from our model titling and registration legislation," said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. "Using these statutes as an informational resource and reference tool, we drafted legislation to create new titling and registration classes for street rods and custom vehicles, including kit cars and replicas. Versions of this model legislation have since been enacted in 21 states across the country."
The information is current for 2011 but subject to change in the future. SAN advises hobbyists to also directly consult the statutes and regulations for states of interest to ensure the accuracy of the information. "SAN members can use this resource to determine their state's specific specialty car requirements and relay this information to their hobbyist network," McDonald added.
Gateway to the Future
1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS
Owner: Dalton Carter
Corvallis, Oregon
My grandfather bought this all-original, numbers-matching '68 Chevy Camaro RS/SS when I was eight years old as a project that we could do together. We only worked on the car when I had time in between my busy school and sports schedule. We pulled the motor out, rebuilt it and stripped the car to metal all by ourselves. The only thing we didn¹t do was paint the car. It took seven years to complete and was finished when I got my learner¹s permit. I even learned how to drive a manual transmission in this car.
The car still sports the numbers-matching 327ci, 275hp motor. The only changes to the Camaro were a 350hp GM cam, ¹60s GM over-the-counter aluminum intake and an Edelbrock carburetor. The transmission is a Muncie M20 and the rearend is the factory 12 bolt. Options include power steering, power brakes, front discs, a deluxe interior, a shoulder harness, a console with gauges, a rear-window defogger, a remote mirror and a push-button radio.
This car was an awesome adventure and experience that I got to share with my grandfather. I learned a lot about Camaros and how to work on classic Chevys. As a result, I am currently enrolled at Oregon State University learning to become a mechanical engineer.
Have your car or truck featured in a future issue of Driving Force. Submit your high-resolution photos online to san@sema.org.
The “Standard of the World” in New England
New England Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club Fostering the Hobby for Generations to Come
The New England Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. (NERCLC) is a recognized affiliate of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. (CLC) and proudly serves Cadillac and LaSalle enthusiasts from all six New England states.  NERCLC’s over 250 members have a passion for the “Standard of the World,” and celebrate every year of the marque, from 1902 to the present.  Its purpose is to promote the friendship of people interested in both antique and modern Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles, to encourage public interest and support, and to serve, assist, and benefit members in their restoration, operation, and ownership of their cars.  Founded in 1975, NERCLC has grown to be the CLC’s largest region.
There are several events hosted by the club throughout the year, including winter shop tours, breakfast socials, an annual April Inter-Regional, hosted in cooperation with the Lower Hudson Valley Region, and “Cadillac Days,” the clubs most popular event.  Beginning in May, NERCLC joins the Larz Anderson Auto Museum of Brookline, Massachusetts for a Cadillac and LaSalle lawn event, now drawing over 110 cars, including projects, modifieds, originals, and concours-quality restorations. 
Excitement lies ahead for the club as NERCLC prepares to host the 2013 Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National at the Boston Marriott Quincy in Quincy, MA.
Arizona Emissions Test Exemption: This SAN-supported bill would exempt all vehicles more than 25 years old from the state’s mandatory emissions inspection and maintenance program. Existing law only exempts pre-‘67 model-year vehicles and those vehicles designated as “collectible,” which are used primarily for hobby activities, insured under a collector car insurance policy and whose owners have registered an additional vehicle for general transportation.
Arkansas Inoperable Vehicles: SAN is opposing legislation that would allow cities to remove inoperable vehicles from private property if the vehicle is deemed a “nuisance” under a local ordinance. The bill provides no reasonable safeguards for legitimate automotive hobbyists to work on inoperable collector vehicles on private property and establishes no provisions that would enable vehicles located out of public view to avoid being classified as abandoned.
Connecticut Emissions Inspections: SAN is supporting legislation to extend the emissions-inspection exemption to vehicles five model years old or newer. Current law exempts vehicles that are four model years old or newer. The measure acknowledges that it is senseless to test newer vehicles; the results of which demonstrate no significant air-quality benefits.
Indiana Antiques: SAN-supported legislation to provide additional accommodations for antique vehicle owners has been introduced. Among other things, the bill authorizes the use of blue dot taillights and provides emissions exemptions for antique vehicles if they are 25 years old or older. The measure also incorporates SEMA-model legislation to prohibit local governments from adopting zoning ordinances that restrict the hobby of automobile restoration and collection. Under the bill, inoperable vehicles, including parts cars, stored on private property would only require screening from ordinary public view.
Iowa Antique Motor Vehicles: A SAN-supported bill has been reintroduced to allow ‘64 or older motor vehicles to be registered as “limited-mileage” antique vehicles for an annual fee of $10. Vehicle owners taking advantage of this registration class are permitted to drive these vehicles up to 2,500 miles annually. Currently, antique vehicles undergoing the registration process in Iowa for the first time are required to pay an annual $50 registration fee.
Maryland Specially Constructed Vehicles: A version of SAN-model legislation to create a vehicle titling and registration classification for specially constructed vehicles, including kits and replicas, has been introduced. The bill defines a specially constructed vehicle as a vehicle that was constructed from any combination of new or used parts; was not originally constructed by a generally recognized vehicle manufacturer and has not been materially altered. The measure allows for the use of non-original materials, exempts specially constructed vehicles from standard equipment requirements and emissions inspections and provides for special license plates.
New York/Texas/Washington/New Mexico Street Rods and Customs: SEMA-model legislation to create a vehicle titling and registration classification for street rods and custom vehicles has been introduced in New York, Texas, Washington state and New Mexico. The bill defines a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948. Under the bill, kit cars and replica vehicles will be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model-year designation as the production vehicle they most closely resemble.
New York “Gas Guzzlers”: Legislation has been reintroduced to establish a progressive purchase surcharge for some new motor vehicles based on state calculations of carbon emissions. Depending on the vehicle purchased, this surcharge could require owners to pay up to $2,500 more for the vehicle.  Funds collected under the program would be used in part to fund discounts for hybrids and electric cars.
New York Historic Vehicles: SAN-supported legislation has been reintroduced to provide that historical vehicle owners only pay a one-time registration fee of $100 upon initial registration. The reduced registration fee would be available to owners of historical vehicles owned and operated as an exhibition piece or collector’s item and used for club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, occasional transportation and similar uses. Under current New York law, a historical motor vehicle is either a vehicle manufactured more than 25 years ago or one which has unique characteristics and which is determined to be of historical, classic or exhibition value. The $100 one-time fee would replace the current annual fee of $28.75.
North Dakota Vehicle Modifications: A bill has been introduced to prohibit the modification of any motor vehicle that alters the manufacturer¹s original suspension, steering or brake system unless the state highway patrol issues an inspection certificate. Current law permits modification if the equipment meets “SEMA standards.” The bill adds that modifying equipment may also meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).  Among other things, the bill also would require fenders on all motor vehicles. The SAN informed legislators that there are no specific SEMA standards applicable to equipment used to modify suspension, steering or brake systems. Further, the federal government only issues FMVSS to regulate equipment that is required on all new motor vehicles. An aftermarket part may only be regulated if it takes a vehicle out-of-compliance with a required piece of safety equipment when installed. 
Washington State Registration Fees: SAN-opposed legislation to require annual renewal fees for collector vehicle and horseless carriage license plates will not receive committee consideration this year. Under the bill, the initial $35 license plate fee for these vehicles would have remained and a new annual $30 renewal fee would have been added. Under Washington law, a collector vehicle is any motor vehicle that is more than 30 years old, while a horseless carriage is defined as a vehicle that is more than 40 years old.
Washington Inoperable Vehicles: SAN-model legislation has been reintroduced to prohibit cities or towns from enforcing an ordinance, development regulation, zoning regulation or administrative practice that prevents automobile collectors from pursuing their hobby. Junked, wrecked or inoperable vehicles, including parts cars stored on private property, would only require screening from public view if required by local law.
West Virginia Exhaust Systems: SAN-model legislation that would allow vehicle hobbyists to install and use aftermarket modified exhaust systems that meet a 95-decibel limit under a fair and predictable test was introduced. Current state law only allows a muffler originally installed by the manufacturer or an equivalent. Meanwhile, a bill to provide that the noise from a motor-vehicle exhaust system that has been deemed “disturbing or unreasonably loud” constitutes the crime of disturbing the peace has been reintroduced. Under the bill, violators could be fined up to $1,000 per occurrence, jailed for six months or both.
West Virginia Antique Motor Vehicles: Identical bills to provide owners of antique motor vehicles with a fair and equitable personal property tax assessment have been introduced. The bills seek to address recent unfair valuation practices which have negatively impacted many state hobbyists.  Current law defines an “antique motor vehicle” to mean any motor vehicle which is more than 25 years old and is owned solely as a collector¹s item.  Both measures provide that for the purposes of the property tax, the assessed value of an antique vehicle cannot exceed $200. 
Wisconsin Imported Collector Cars: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has officially withdrawn its proposal to prohibit the registration of imported vehicles manufactured after 1967 that do not meet FMVSS. U.S. law specifically exempts imported vehicles that are 25 years old and older from these safety standards. The Wisconsin proposal offered no such reasonable exemption. The regulation would only have permitted the continued registration of subject vehicles that are already legally registered but only until they are transferred to a new owner. 
March 4-6, Tucson
HUGE Swap Meet Car & Motorcycle Show
Sponsor: Tucson Street Rod Association
Information: 520/834-3505 or 520/991-9071 or www.tucsonstreetrodassociation.com 
March 11-13, Scottsdale
2nd Spring Nationals
Sponsor: Good Guys Rod and Custom Association
Information: www.good-guys.com
March 4-6, North Ocotillo Wells SVRA
49th Annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari 2011
Sponsor: Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego
Information: www.tds4x4.com 
March 6, Anaheim
3rd Annual All Porsche Swap Meet and Car Display
Sponsor: 356 Club of Southern California
Information: www.356club.org 
March 13, Long Beach
High Performance Swap Meet
Information: http://TOPPINGEVENTS.COM
March 18-20, Hollister Hills SVRA Upper Ranch
Molina Ghost Run
Sponsor: California Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc.
Information:  www.cal4wheel.com  
March 19, Seeley
27th Annual Carne Asada Run
Sponsor: Sunrunners Car Club
Information: http://www.sunrunnerscarclub.com
March 26-27, Pleasanton
29th All American Get-Together
Sponsor: Good Guys Rod and Custom Association
Information: www.good-guys.com
March 27, Los Angeles
DUB Super Series National Car Show Tour 
Information: http://www.dubshowtour.com/
March 4-5, Homestead/Miami 
Winter Meet
Sponsor: AACA South Florida Region
Information: www.aaca.org
March 5, Palatka
FL Azalea Festival Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show
Sponsor: Azalea City Cruisers
Information: 368/328-4904
March 10-13, Gainesville
Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals
Sponsor: NHRA
Information: http://www.nhra.com/
March 24-27, St. Augustine
MARC National Membership Meet
Sponsor: Model A Restorers Club: First Coast Region and the Citrus A's Model A Ford Club
Information: www.modelarestorers.org 
March 6,  Dublin
2nd Annual Southern Pines Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show
Information: 706/551-2730 or 478/277-5060 or 478/279-3533
March 23-27, Atlanta
Atlanta International Auto Show 
Information: www.goautoshow.com
March 18-20, Honolulu
First Hawaiian International Auto Show
Sponsor: Motor Trend
Information: http://www.motortrendautoshows.com
March 4-6, Chicago
World of Wheels
Information: www.autorama.com 
March 17-19
13th Annual Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show
Information: http://www.hotrodshow.com/
March 11-13, Des Moines
World of Wheels
Information: www.autorama.com
March 18-20, Belle Rose
JEGS NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals
Sponsor: NHRA
Information: www.nhra.com
March 12, West Friendship
38th Annual Antique Auto Parts Flea Market
Sponsor: Chesapeake Region, AACA
Information: http://local.aaca.org/chesapeake/FleaMarketWebDuo2011.pdf
March 2-6, Kansas City
2011 Greater Kansas City International Auto Show
Information: www.kansascityautoshow.com
March 12-13, Roseburg
33rd Roseburg Benefit Indoor Car Show
Sponsor: Umpqua Flatheads & Stray Angels Car Club 
Information: 541/680-1842 or 541/672-2359
March 18-20, Portland
Portland Roadster Show
Information: 503/232-4567
March 3-5, York
All-Studebaker Swap Meet
Sponsor: Keystone Region Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club
Information: http://local.aaca.org/chesapeake/YorkSwapFlyer08.htm
March 26, Hershey
25th Annual Consignment Parts Auction & Car Corral
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Dutch Region, AACA
Information: www.padutchregion.com
March 18-20, Omaha
World of Wheels
Information: www.autorama.com
March 17-19, Myrtle Beach
23rd Annual Run to the Sun 2011
Sponsor: Pee Dee Street Rodders
Information: www.peedeestreetrodders.com 
March 18-20, Ft. Worth
1ST Spring Lone Star Nationals
Sponsor: Good Guys Rod and Custom Association
Information: www.good-guys.com
March 4-6, Salt Lake City
Information: www.autorama.com
March 11-13,  Richmond 
Virginia International Auto Show
Sponsor: Motor Trend
Information: http://www.motortrendautoshows.com
March 25-27, Winnipeg
World of Wheels
Information: www.autorama.com
March 26, Red Deer
The Red Deer Spring Swap Meet
Sponsor: Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club
Information: 403/886-7663