July 2008


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Mr. Tester Goes to Washington
Husband, Father, Farmer, Senator...CAR GUY!
From pre-World War II classics to street rods to ’60s-era musclecars to late-model sport compacts and everything in between, the automobile stands as a testimony to American ingenuity and craftsmanship while serving as a source of recreation for tens of thousands of hobbyists and collectors throughout the United States.
Many lawmakers around the country, including those serving in Washington, D.C., share our enthusiasm for the hobby. In months past, we have featured many of these legislators in the pages of the Driving Force. One of these legislators is of particular note and can appropriately be called one of us. He is U.S. Senator Jon Tester from Montana. 
Prior to his election to the Senate in 2006, Tester served in the Montana Legislature and was a State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus member. In joining this coalition of hobby-friendly lawmakers he enthusiastically remarked, “Count me in. Restoration of vehicles is a love of mine and a passion of my son.” As he proudly states, he has never been afraid of getting his hands dirty, including wrenching on cars.
In sharing his appreciation for collector vehicles, Tester was the featured guest at the opening reception of the 2008 SEMA Washington Rally. During the event, he spoke of the countless hours he has spent with his son restoring a wide collection of vehicles.
A short list of the collection includes a ’26 Ford Model T, ’30 Ford Model A, ’38 Chevy Sedan, ’56 Buick hardtop, and a ’70 Buick Electra. Tester and his son are currently restoring a Willy’s CJ2A to add to the collection. Tester stated that he often has more cars than drivers and has to recruit family friends to drive for parades and other events.
During the reception, he urged participants to become more involved in supporting issues they believe in. Referring to his personal experience, Tester started out as a farmer who then became involved in public service on the local school board. It was that same desire to be involved that has taken him from the Montana Legislature to the U.S. Senate.
The evening was topped off by the good news that Senator Tester was joining the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus—the federal counterpart to the state Caucus.
Whether it be in Washington, D.C., or throughout the vast expanses of Montana, it’s safe to say that Senator Tester’s love and support for the automotive hobby will help to ensure that this great tradition will be passed along to generations to come.
A special thanks to SAN members Scott Harrison (left) and Kevin Moses of the Capital Area Cobra Club for providing the ride of a lifetime for Senator Tester (center) in their Cobras.
Hello Madison!
Hobbyist Lawmaker Welcomes Power Tour to Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Representative Steve Kestell urged enthusiasts participating in the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour to engage lawmakers on hobby-related issues.
Representative Kestell and his son Travis added a little pickup to their ’92 Chevy S10 with a 350 V8 under the hood.
At the final stop of this year’s Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour, enthusiasts were introduced to Wisconsin State Representative Steve Kestell. The five-term lawmaker is one of the founding members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus, a non-partisan coalition of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation of automobiles.
Kestell arrived at the venue in a ’92 Chevy S10 truck—a favorite vehicle of his wife—that his son Travis restored from the frame up. Their current restoration project is a ’67 Ford Fairlane GT.
In addressing participants at the event, Kestell urged the crowd to engage their officials even if there is not an issue that impacts the hobby. By having an existing relationship with their lawmakers, he stated that enthusiasts would be in a better position when hobby-related legislation is introduced.
Each month Driving Force will feature members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. The SEMA-supported caucus is a bipartisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles.
Here are its newest members:
New York Assemblymember Clifford Crouch
New York Assemblymember Dede Scozzafava
Delaware Street Rods: SAN-supported legislation to exempt street rods from the state’s regular safety inspections was approved by the Delaware State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Ruth Ann Minner. Under an agreement reached with state regulators, the registration and titling process will be changed administratively to allow street rods to be assigned a registration and titling designation bearing the same model year that the body of the vehicle resembles.
Florida Commercial Motor Vehicles: SAN-supported legislation to provide an exemption from the regulations governing commercial motor carriers to vehicles occasionally transporting personal property to a motorsports facility was approved by the Florida State Legislature. Under federal law, any commercial vehicle operating in interstate commerce required to obtain a USDOT number must abide by established safety regulations. These regulations include, among other things, keeping a daily log book, certain safety training, vehicle inspections and annual log reviews. Federal policy applies an exemption from the regulations to transportation of personal property if not done for compensation nor in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise and corporate sponsorship is not involved. The Florida bill codifies this exemption into state statute. The measure awaits action by Governor Charlie Crist before becoming law. 
New Jersey Street Rods/Customs: SEMA-model legislation that would create a vehicle registration classification for street rods and custom vehicles and provide for special license plates for these vehicles was introduced in the New Jersey State Legislature. The bill defines a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948. The bill allows kit cars and replica vehicles to be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model-year designation the body of the vehicle most closely resembles.
North Carolina Replicas: A version of SEMA-model legislation to create a vehicle registration classification for replica vehicles has been introduced in the North Carolina Senate. Under the bill, replicas are defined as motor vehicles sold unassembled and manufactured from a kit that when assembled replicate and earlier year, make and model vehicle. The bill allows replica vehicles to be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model-year designation the body of the vehicle most closely resembles.
“Chasing McQueen”
1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
Owner: Michael Gullery
Morgan Hill, California
As a kid, I always liked the looks of the Mustang Fastback 2+2. The movie Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen, only increased my desire to get one. Even as life flew by, I always knew I was going to get my hands on one of these character cars.
I searched on the Internet to get an idea of what was out there and the price I would expect to pay for a restored ’67. I came upon a business in Southern California that restores Mustangs and specializes in Shelbys. They had a ’67 S-code (390ci engine) that was an original California car. No rust, a rebuilt engine and in overall good shape. On December 15, 2000, my wife Joann and I drove south to take it for a test drive.
What can I say? I never had driven anything like it. It had old technology, the handling felt strange but, the power—wow! I loved it! 
Over the years I basically repaired, rebuilt or restored all the mechanicals in the ’67. Now I’ll admit to not doing the major mechanicals, but I did turn a wrench when I could.
I rebuilt the 390 with Edelbrock aluminum components (RPM heads, water pump, intake), an MSD Ignition, a Griffin aluminum radiator, an aftermarket suspension with Global West arms, Edelbrock IAS shocks and Eibach springs, a rebuilt differential, a new Hurst shifter replacing the prior Hurst that was not in the best condition, Firestone Firehawks, American Racing Torque Thrust Ds, Flowmaster mufflers, an H pipe, a Monte Carlo bar, an export brace, a stereo and various small items.
Every year I try to upgrade or restore something else on it. Right now I’m reupholstering the seats, and next winter I plan on pulling out the interior to install sound/heat matting. Those 390s put out a lot of heat.
Because of my Mustang and this hobby I have met many friends, I’ve become very involved in Vintage Mustang Forum, an online forum, and met people from across the country and the world. With these new friends, we’ve driven to many car shows to share our car stories. I really enjoy driving this classic Mustang. Joann and I are planning to drive from our home in Northern California to the 2008 MCA Grand National in Park City, Utah, in late August.
See you on the road because that’s where my ’67 is at its best—out and about.
Controversial Washington Wilderness Bill Approved by Congress
Lawmakers Pursue Other Proposals to Limit Off-Roading
Congress has approved legislation designating 106,000 acres in Washington state’s Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest as wilderness. President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law. SEMA and the off-highway vehicle (OHV) community opposed the bill and supported an alternative version to preserve existing roads and trails on about 13,000 acres of the land. By law, wilderness areas generally prohibit roads and the use of motorized vehicles. The issue is consequential to SAN members as off-roaders will have less riding areas in the region.
The measure, which is commonly referred to as the “Wild Sky Wilderness” may sound familiar to SEMA members as it has been pushed in Congress for about five years. In years past, the bill was blocked by former House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo (R-CA) who, with SEMA’s support, proposed a compromise “backcountry wilderness” designation to set aside specific tracks of land that have existing roads and trails. Chairman Pombo was defeated in the 2006 election, and the bill’s sponsors were able to pursue the legislation without concession.
Leaders in the Democrat-controlled Congress are now moving forward on other wilderness proposals, which also may not adequately protect existing roads and trails. Currently, there are more than 20 other wilderness bills pending before Congress.
Federal Agency Issues Management Plans for Millions of Acres in Arizona
Proposal Permits OHV Use on More Than 1,700 miles of Trails and Roads
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released three new management plans covering two national monuments and millions of acres in a remote area of northern Arizona. The proposal, compiled in a single environmental impact statement, covers 2.8 million acres of federal land from north of the Grand Canyon to the Utah border.
Specifically, the plans allow for off-highway vehicle (OHV) use on more than 1,700 miles of existing trails and dirt roads in the monuments and across other portions of the management area.
All three plans will outline how the areas will be managed for development, mineral recovery and off-highway vehicle recreation for the next 20 years. The 3,000-page document is based on public input and ongoing collaboration with 10 different agencies and tribes in the area. For the most part, the plans emphasize minimal “human influence and use” in more remote areas and greater use near local communities or in areas that are already seeing significant use.
Copies of the management plans can be accessed online at www.blm.gov/az/st/en/prog/planning/strip/reports/asfo_ROD.html.
If You Build It...
Organizers Host Car Show to Support a Race Facility in Hawaii
Race enthusiasts on the island of Oahu have been without a racetrack since 2006 when the Hawaii Raceway Park closed down. To fill this void, the Oahu Motorsports Advisory Council (OMAC) was formed to help build a multiuse facility that would provide a permanent and safe venue for racing on the island.
The goal of OMAC is to gather and disseminate information to all of the various racing organizations, clubs and related businesses that populate Oahu’s motorsports community. A key element in the OMAC’s efforts is the “Build the Track Motorsports Show,” which was held on June 14 at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.
In its second year, the show provided an opportunity to experience a wide variety of racing, modified and other show vehicles. It also enabled the general public to learn about the various motorsports- and automotive-related interests that occur on Oahu. Information on current projects and developments for temporary and permanent solutions for the motorsports community were also promoted throughout the event.
“This is an exciting opportunity for race enthusiasts in the Aloha State,” said SAN director Jason Tolleson. “As someone who was raised in Hawaii, I look forward to a chance to go home and spend some time at the track.” 
The project will have several distinct phases. While still in the planning process, the first phase will include the construction of a quarter-mile dirt track and a .4-mile road course. The first phase should be completed within one year of groundbreaking and will be able to support dirt, drift, go-kart, moto and road-racing activities. Future phases will include the construction of an eigth-mile dragstrip and extensions to the existing road course.
For more information on the council and the highlights from the show, visit www.buildthetrack.com.
What a Trip!
SAN Members Speak Out at This Year’s Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour
SAN director Jason Tolleson met with numerous members who each voiced their support for SAN and getting enthusiasts involved to help protect this hobby. Here are just a few things people had to say:
If everybody would join together with the SAN, then we would be able to keep the laws working for the hobby. After I get Driving Force in the mail I take it to my club meetings. If we don’t educate lawmakers, then who will?
-- Paul and Mike Wayman
Kansas City, Missouri
I joined the SAN two years ago because it’s important to keep this around for younger generations. I take copies of Driving Force to work so my co-workers can read it.
-- John Lucas
Lafayette, Indiana
I love getting the newsletter every month.  It keeps us posted on legislative issues across the country. Getting the SEMA Street Rod Bill signed into law in Florida was a major victory for enthusiasts.
-- Tim Weber and Lori Warnicke
Sanford, Florida
I enjoy reading the latest news and alerts in the newsletter. After I finish reading it, I take the newsletter to our club. We need to keep this sport going. It’s awesome to see people getting good laws passed or defeating bad ones.
-- Glenn and Donna Baumann
Mayville, Wisconsin
If you want this hobby of ours to continue in the future, you better get involved. There are those out there who don’t understand our hobby, and we have to educate them. It takes little effort to respond to the alerts from the SAN. However, it does take all of us working together to ensure that our kids or grandkids have the same opportunities that we have at shows and events to enjoy this hobby.
-- Terry Box
McKinney, Texas
We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing if people don’t get involved. From the problems of titling customs to other issues, it is important to have the laws work in our favor.
-- Leonard Willming & Marsha Cebben
Bend Harbor, Michigan & Grand Rapids, Michigan
London (Ontario) Calling
The history of the London Auto Modifiers dates back to 1947 when a local group of enthusiasts got together and called themselves “The Piston Pushers.” Its members were interested in drag racing and were involved in the start up of local dragstrips. As there was no Canadian counterpart, the group joined the American Timing Association.
Regular meetings started in 1950, and the club began assisting local charities and the chamber of commerce with community events. In 1955, the name was changed to The London Auto Modifiers and was chartered as a government nonprofit organization. Two years later the club began sponsoring Autorama, an annual indoor car show. Now known as the London Auto Expo, the show is in its 51st year.
While always involved in charitable giving, club members wanted to do something special for the hobby. An endowment was created in 2000 enabling the club to start the Don Cook Memorial Award. Named after a founding club member, it awards $500 to up to six local high school graduating automotive students. Applicants must be involved in a verified apprenticeship program to qualify and must use the money to purchase trade-related tools. Club members feel that this not only gives a boost to talented technical students, but it also serves to encourage future hot rodders to get involved in the hobby.
July 19, Florence
W.C. Handy Festival
Sponsor: Shoals Car & Truck Club
Information: www.shoalscarandtruckclub.com or 256/366-5833
July 26, Orangevale
Hot Daze & Hot Cars
Sponsor: Capital City Cruisers
Information: http://capitolcitycruisers.org or 530/622-6608
July 18–22, Salida
15th Annual Rocky Mountatin IH Rendezvous
Sponsor: RMIHR
Information: www.rmihr.org or 303/838-8505
July 19, Cumming
Cars and Coffee
Information: http://carsandcoffee.com or 404/317-4106
July 17–20, Joliet
3rd Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing III
Information: www.nmcadigital.com/events/event4.php
July 26–27, St. Charles
2008 Indian Uprising All Pontiac Weekend
Sponsor: Cruisin’ Tigers GTO Club
Information: www.cruisintigersgto.com or 630/541-6029
July 19–20, Clermont
29th Annual Mustang & All Ford Car Show & Swap Meet
Sponsor: Mustang Club of Indianapolis
Information: http://indymustangclub.com/AnnualCarShow.html
July 21–26, Richmond
Model T Ford Centennial Party
Sponsor: Model T Ford Club of America
Information: www.tparty2008.com/index.html or 866/825-9878
July 31–August 2, Indianapolis
Indy Corvair Olympics
Sponsor: North East Corvair Council
Information: http://www.corvair.org/chapters/necc/page2.html
July 4–6, Des Moines
17th Heartland Nationals
Information: www.good-guys.com/events/eventDetails.aspx?eventid=08-602 or 925/838-9876
July 12, Keokuk
6th Annual Car Show
Sponsor: Mississippi Rat Pak Car Club
Information: 309/221-0064 or 660/479-5646
July 31–August 3
39th Annual Street Rod Nationals
Information: http://nsra-usa.com/index.php/site/evsum/C2#entry96 or 901/452-4030
July 20, Stoneham
24th Annual Mustang & Fords Summer Round-Up
Sponsor: Mustang Car Club of New England
Information: www.mccne.com or 508/584-8848
July 6, Traverse City
National Cherry Festival Family Car Show
Information: www.cherryfestival.org/events/search_detail.php?event_id=123 or 231/947-4230
July 13, Bloomfield
5th Annual Car Show Crooz and Schmooz
Information: www.tbeonline.org/croozsmooze07 or 248/865-0617
July 18–19, Houghton Lake
Band of Eagles Car Show
Information: 989/821-8858
July 30–August 3, Dearborn
2008 Oldsmobile Club of America
Sponsor: Motor City Rockets
Information: http://motorcityrockets.com/2008oldsnats.htm or 248/848-1378
July 11–13, Duluth
36th Annual North Shore Rod Run
Sponsor: The Vintage Times Car Club
Information: www.duluthrodrun.com/rodrun.htm or 218/729-9854
July 25–27, St. Paul
Car Craft Summer Nationals
Information: www.familyevents.com/event/35 or 317/236-6515
New York
July 18–20, Syracuse
Syracuse Nationals
Information: www.rightcoastcars.com/shows/syn/index.html
July 11–13, Columbus
11th Goodguys Nationals
Information: www.good-guys.com/events/eventDetails.aspx?eventid=08-608 or 925/838-9876
July 11–12, Dublin
26th Annual Classic Auto Show & Cruise-In
Information: http://arthritisautoshow.com or 614/876-8200
July 26, Delaware
15th Annual Blast from the Past
Sponsor: Vintage Auto Club of Delaware
Information: 740/363-3545 or 740/363-4350
July 26–27, Canfield
2nd Annual Truck & Jeep Fest
Information: www.truckandjeepfest.com/event/11 or 317/236-6515
July 27, Plain City
29th Annual Poor Man’s Nationals
Sponsor: Buckeye Rod Builders
Information: 614/486-3185 or 614/263-9514
July 11–13, Oregon City
2008 Pacific Can-Am Zone Meet
Sponsor: Studebaker Drivers Club Northwest Chapter
Information: www.sysmatrix.net/~brucekerslak/ZoneMeet08/index.html or 503/292-6210
July 11–13, Bloomsburg
21st Annual Summer 4Wheel Jamboree Nationals
Information: www.4wheeljamboree.com/event/10 or 317/236-6515
July 13, Newfoundland
34th Annual Antique-Classic- Custom Car Show
Sponsor: Wayne-Pike Region AACA
Information: http://local.aaca.org/waynepike/Flyers.htm or 570/253-0545
July 19, York
2008 Concours d’Elegance
Information: http://yorkheritage.org/ or 717/846-2222 ext. 225
July 19, Nazareth
32nd Annual Nazareth Day
Sponsor: The Lehigh Valley Thunderbird Club
Information: http://clubs.hemmings.com/lehighvalleythunderbird or 610/759-6245
July 3-5, Logan
26th Annual Cache Valley Cruise-In
Sponsor: Cache Valley Cruising Association
Information: http://cachevalleycruisein.com or 435/787-7414
July 25, Salina
5th Annual Blast from the Past Car Show
Sponsor: Forever Young Car Club
Information: 435/893-0458
West Virginia
July 20–24, Charleston
20th Annual Chevrolet Nomad Association Convention
Sponsor: Chevrolet Nomad Association
Information: www.chevynomadclub.com/CNACONVENTION.html or 336/376-9070
July 25–27, Kent
21st Pacific Northwest Nationals
Information: www.good-guys.com/events/eventDetails.aspx?eventid=08-622 or 925/838-9876
July 26, Edmonds
23rd Annual Oldsmobile Show and Picnic
Sponsor: Puget Sound Olds Club
Information: 425/271-0195 or 253/887-8982
July 5, Cedarburg
18th Annual Car, Truck, Motorcycle Show
Sponsor: Rods-N-Relics Car Club
Information: www.rodsnrelics.org/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/rodsnrelics2008flyer.pdf or 262/242-3834
July 6, Augusta
Augusta Bean & Bacon Days Auto, Truck & Tractor Show
Information: 715/456-2880
July 13–16, Port Washington
British V8 2008
Sponsor: British V8
Information: www.britishv8.org/British-V8-Meetings.htm or 720/652-0237
July 22–27, La Crosse
31st Annual Car Meet
Sponsor: Graham Owner’s Club International
Information: www.graham-paige.com/annual.htm or 608/526-3304
British Columbia
July 6, North Vancouver
18th Annual Waterfront Park Show ’N Shine
Sponsor: British Columbia Corvette Club
Information: www.bccorvetteclub.ca or 604/594-7510
New Brunswick
July 10–13, Moncton
The 2008 Atlantic Nationals
Sponsor: Greater Moncton Street Rods
Information: www.atlanticnationals.com or 506/386-1644
July 20, Thunder Bay
8th Annual Car Show
Sponsor: Northern Ontario Classic Cruisers
Information: www.northernontarioclassiccruisers.com/index.html or 807/577-6078
Early August 2008 Events
August 9, Palo Alto
7th Annual Volvo Car Show
Sponsor: Golden Gate Chapter of the Volvo Club of America
Information: www.vcoa.org/events/2008-08-09
August 9–10, Livonia
20th Annual Mustang Memories All-Ford Car Show and Pony Cruise
Sponsor: Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan
Information: www.mocsem.com o