A Brief Farewell to Uncle Sam
By Colby Martin

For me, vehicles have always perfectly symbolized the idea of freedom to explore unfamiliar territories. My mom still enjoys saying that my “babysitter” as a child was the AutoTrader classifieds. Apparently, I could spend a healthy amount of time in my crib studying the shapes of those now classic cars—the images representing the big world outside of our family home in suburban Los Angeles.

Over the years, a few major auto events, as well as the occasional cruise night, have become treasured family memories. The array of regional tastes and styles found in our hobby continue to fascinate me.

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Arthur Ehrich’s 1940 Chevrolet coupe features a Chevrolet ZZ4 crate motor with tuned port injection, 700 R4 transmission, 8-inch rearend with 3:55 gears, as well as custom wiring, gauges, disc brakes and wheels.

Arthur Ehrich has always been interested in cars. “As a teenager back in the ‘50s, I would take my father’s car apart,” he recalls. “I found out the hard way that I couldn’t always get it back together when he needed it!” Ehrich discovered a local hot rod club that was sponsored by the local police department. A round of golf between his father and the police chief formed the idea to create a “junior” membership for Arthur and others his age.

Even as life became more complex in the years that followed, he always found a way to have a nice driver vehicle. “As I approached retirement, I knew that I wanted to get back to playing with cars,” he says. Ehrich reconnected with old friends from his youth at about the same time. A mutual interest in early machines was rekindled among the group. Together, they formed the Gold Coast Cruisers Car Club of Long Island, New York.

“I’ve often heard that is better to buy a finished car instead of building one and that was what I did,” he said of his fat-fendered 1940 Chevrolet coupe. “As soon as I put the car on show fields, the paint started to pop off. For years, I kept touching it up.” Finally, fellow club members Don Figliozzi and Ken Fransen approached him with the idea of repainting it in a two-toned scheme. The car was taken off the road to begin work in May 2008.

“This particular build was filled with many emotional moments. As soon as we stripped it down to bare metal, we immediately realized a big job lay ahead. The original builder had brazed all the body modifications, causing the body filler and paint to pop off. We redid all of the body work with welding and leading techniques.” After eight years of work, the car was completed in 2016 with stunning results.

Ehrich believes in the goodwill woven into the auto hobby. He’s found that people are generally fascinated with cars. “A very large number of weekend car shows do some real good for the community. They often support one charity or another. Car people are not selfish and give their time to support these causes usually at some expense to themselves. Our government should get behind us and not hinder us in performing these good deeds.” Earlier this year, he referenced his ’40 in messages to New York legislators in support of bills introduced in his state: street rod and custom titling designations and proposals requiring only single front-mounted license plates. He explained that his own ride and those of fellow vehicle owners would benefit from the enactment of such legislation into law.

Arthur, your commitment to enjoying your street rod and our hobby are truly commendable. Bravo!



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