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SEMA Action Network (SAN) Compiles License Plate Requirements By State


Designed to be a quick reference guide, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) has developed a compilation of the specialty license plates available by state. It includes a map that illustrates the number of license plates required. Those looking to purchase or apply for a specialty plate are advised check with their local DMV for guidance and paperwork. Here is a link to this new resource: semaSAN.com/LicensePlates.


Since cars began crowding the nation's roads, enthusiasts have had to contend with bolting license plates onto their prized vehicles. Whatever your preference in vehicle or style, each state currently offers plate options intended to suit your personal needs. In recent years, the importance of license plate legislation to the SAN has been noticed. Single plate proposals are overwhelmingly favored by hobbyists nationwide.


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It's not every day you see a photo of a front-engined "slingshot" dragster in a public alleyway. Crafted primarily of welded pipe and fiberglass, it was nicknamed 'The Shark' due to the sculptural fin-like bodywork above the rollcage. Jim McCulley was unanimously chosen by the rest of the build team to house the Avenger II in his parents' New Jersey garage. Straight out of the early '60s, nostalgia fans will appreciate the 4 2-barrel carburetors atop a souped-up Ford flathead, the flat white-painted 'zoomie' headers and early 'mag' rear wheels.

For some, the term retirement means leisure. For others, it's closer to full throttle. Pine Hill, New Jersey's Jim McCulley clearly identifies with the latter, just ask his wife. "She says I'm the world's oldest teenager!" he exclaims. If the vintage rail-job pictured above isn't telling enough, Jim has been wrenching and racing for a very long time. He says that it all began in the late '50s, long before race tracks were available to performance-hungry youngsters. His first "race car" was a souped up '32 Ford with an Oldsmobile powerplant and a simple rollbar. "That car had no gauges so you didn't know what was going on!"


Decades later, Jim and his son Kevin established McCulley Family Racing, an operation that continues to inspire others with four-wheeled enthusiasm both on the track and off. "I've been backwards, upside down and burned but have always tried to give back," he notes. "These days, I enjoy working to keep others safe more than I enjoy racing!" From building cars with friends to teaching courses about safe driving to judging entries in the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame, McCulley's commitment to the hobby is undeniable. In fact, he and his family attend many events promoting causes such as Beat the Heat, Ford Driving Skills for Life and the New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition. Luckily, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) is another group he has long believed in and he continues to enlist others while on the road. Your valiant efforts are applauded, Jim. May you never let off the gas pedal!



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