Driving Force Online October 2013 Issue 1

Target: Ethanol Fuel

Witnesses representing oil, fuel and petrochemical, livestock, automotive, food, biofuel and environmental organizations testified before a U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on whether the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) should be repealed or scaled-back. The RFS mandates that an increasing amount of biofuels be blended into gasoline each year. It is the driving force behind the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's decision to permit sales of 15% ethanol in gasoline (E15) in order to achieve the RFS mandates.

Federal Committee leaders have stated that full repeal of the RFS is unlikely but reform is a viable option. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) supports reducing the RFS mandates and banning the sale of E15. Read more »


SEMA SAN Strike Force

Our automotive hobby's diversity is immediately evident in this shot, featuring vehicles belonging to members of the Gearheads in Buda, Texas. Here, founding member Larry Larkin is surrounded by three unique examples from the "Big 3" automakers, each representing a different era. From left to right: Larkin's '93 Chevy Corvette 40th Anniversary Edition Coupe, Joe Beyer and Walter King's '73 Plymouth Duster, as well as Dewayne and David Goll's '48 Ford F1 pickup.

The Gearheads car club started as "a loose knit group of like-minded individuals with a common interest in American cars". Based in Buda, Texas, the group held their first meeting in Larry Larkin's garage one night in 2001/2002 (a lack of record keeping early on leaves the exact date a mystery). Despite forming around the "premise of having common issues with finding reliable help with our vintage car projects," they have become increasingly active in the SEMA Action Network's (SAN) mission to fight for fair automotive laws and regulations. "Our club knows what is going on in the Texas legislature by relying on the SAN's Driving Force," according to Larkin. "On several occasions, I've called out-of-state friends and relatives to respond to legislation in their state based on news I read in the publication." Earlier this year, the club came together as a group to support pro-hobby Texas legislation that would have allowed a single license plate for attachment at the rear of a vehicle. In fact, the club is so supportive of the cause that they have added a link to the SAN website using one of our graphics. How cool is that? We can't thank you enough, Buda Gearheads!

Editor's note: Fellow "gearheads" in the area should know that the club's 5th Annual Open Car Show on October 19 is drawing near.