Rep. McHenry Talks RPM Act, Pushes for Quick Congressional Action

SEMA Action Network (SAN) Urges Racers and Fans to Rally to Reach 200,000 Letter Milestone

In a new Speed Sport News interview, lead RPM Act sponsor Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) takes his first few laps in a dirt late model at the East Lincoln Speedway in Stanley, NC. Afterwards, he gives an update on the RPM Act and Congress’ current efforts to stop the EPA from regulating racecars and racing parts. As Rep. McHenry puts it, “This is absurd, and we’ve got to stop it.”

The RPM Act provides clarity to the racing community that the Clean Air Act allows motor vehicles to be converted into dedicated race vehicles. The bill protects tens of thousands of jobs and racers’ ability to purchase the parts and equipment that enable them to compete. It also protects an American tradition.


Racers and fans have rallied to send thousands of letters to Congress so far. Help us reach the 200,000 letters milestone by sending another letter to your elected officials! Visit www.sema.org/RPMAct today! 



The Class of 2016

A recruiting effort initiated in 2016 has once again brought an impressive number of lawmakers into the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. With over 100 new members enlisting during the year, the group now numbers almost 800 members representing all 50 states. Founded in 2005 and supported by SEMA, the caucus is designed as a non-partisan group of state legislators whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles. The following link contains to the list of those who joined this year: (Read More)


Legislative Front Lines

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SEMA SAN Strike Force

Tim Johnson’s patina-laden 1970 Chevy C10 shortbed pickup is a favorite ride for his kids, Dennim and Abbie. “They love it when people give us the thumbs up while we’re cruising,” he explains.

Unlike many other hobbies, the auto enthusiast community can be proud of cultivating strong family bonds. Multiple generations of car and truck enthusiasts exist in many families. Tim Johnson is the product of one such family. With roots stemming from Los Angeles, California, he has been around car culture his whole life. “I really began to take notice when my late uncle Robert began customizing cars,” Tim reminisces. “He had a passion for the lowrider culture and stared out building lowrider bikes. With time, he became a prominent fixture in the L.A. lowrider scene.” Robert built cars for high-profile clients like rapper Dr. Dre, exported cars overseas, hosted lowrider car shows and promoted youth involvement. He was even featured in the book, Lowrider: History, Pride, Culture. Inspired by his late uncle’s spirit, Johnson loves bringing cars back to life that have been forgotten about or written-off. One of his favorite builds was a white 1990 VW Corrado. It was a supercharged, 5-speed-equipped tuner. “I drove Volkswagens during the height of the import scene. It really set me apart from other hobbyists. To my family, cars are meant to be driven and customized. It’s just what we do.”

Tim is not content to keep his passion for cars and trucks to himself. On weekends he can be found passing the torch to his children. In fact, a 1965 Chevy Nova SS project is now patiently awaiting restoration. Johnson explains that it will be the car his son drives to his first day of high school. “After the Nova is done, it’ll be my daughters turn for a project. I want her to learn how things work and how to fix them. By sharing the process, she’ll be exposed to science, mathematics, chemistry, art and engineering in ways beyond what a classroom can accomplish.” As a hobbyist concerned about the future, Tim believes the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) legislative mission has never been more essential than in these ever-changing times. “The SAN is constantly looking out for my family’s interest by advocating for fair laws. That allows us to keep doing what we do.”

Your role in fostering the next generation of gearheads is to be commended, Tim! May those that follow in your footsteps carry on the tradition as well.

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