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SEMA Action Network Forges a Legacy

Within a few years of its founding, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) was able to influence laws nationwide and arrived at a turning point. An increasing number of people wanted to join the network as individuals. It became clear to the staff that this strictly grassroots effort needed to identify ways to promote further growth, so the focus was expanded to include those not necessarily affiliated with an organized group. SEMA's California-based headquarters was enlisted to improve the Driving Force newsletter's production value, a move that relieved the office in D.C. from duties as a makeshift mailing house. It has since become an award-winning publication.

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Wilfred Moase of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is still driving his dad's American-made '29 Ford Model A Ford Cabriolet. He says, "It works great and I have the original bill of sale!" Wilfred's dad, Keith, purchased it in 1965 from the second owner. Having been built during the Great Depression, it was originally bought by a Detroit assembly line worker in 1929. During such tough times, he was required to have a car loan or a mortgage to stay working on the assembly line—hence the purchase. "The farmer who bought the car was not that gentle—it was pretty beat up when it was restored in 1966."

"Two of my favorite cars started my family's interest in the antique car hobby," explains Wilfred Moase. One is the '29 Ford Model A Ford Cabriolet pictured here, which was restored 52 years ago, and the other is an early '28 Ford Model A Tudor. Wilfred's dad, Keith, had collected upwards of 40 mostly unrestored vehicles, including tractors and stationary engines. The machines were always kept in dry storage during his younger years. "I enjoyed dreaming of someday getting a few of them on the road. Unfortunately, I had to disperse much of the collection with my Dad's untimely death nearly 30 years ago. My young family and I could not dedicate much time to restorations." 

Thankfully, Moase held onto treasures like the early '28 Tudor. "I promised myself I would restore it when I retired, so that's what I am doing now!" Back in 1961, it was the first antique car Keith had obtained. This Model A was assembled in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Parts are harder to come by since it is an early Tudor. With the chassis now restored, refinishing the body is the next project. Wilfred says that there is no rust on the car but it has a lot of wear. Since the Ford originally wore dark Niagara blue, he's begun to paint it the original color. He's also getting the coachlace trim that runs along the top of the door panels weaved again. "Unfortunately, the upholstery suppliers do not have anything close to the original lace trim." 

Wilfred's interest in hobby organizations has been strong over the years. In 1985, he got involved with a local PEI Antique Car Club and the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada (NAACC) in 1993. Notably, his dad is a former NAACC president. Wilfred helped the group combat the Canadian federal government's pollution arguments in 1995. They conducted a nationwide Canadian survey of antique vehicle owners to determine economic and environmental impact. "It turns out that collectors of antique vehicles contributed a significant amount to the economy but did not drive on average any more than a few hundred miles annually," says Moase. With the dawn of the Internet, Wilfred set up the NAACC website, www.NAACC.ca, in 2000. He is currently vice president and newsletter editor. Once again, he will be asking his Provincial government to proclaim the ninth annual Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) on July 13th this year, as well as Collector Car Appreciation Month throughout July. "It has been great to be associated with the SEMA Action Network (SAN) over the years; with combined voices from both Canada and the USA, we hope to keep the legislation against OUR hobby to a minimum." 

Preserving family ties within our hobby is a noteworthy endeavor, Wilfred. Special thanks for your dedication to rich automotive traditions in the Great White North!



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