Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) will be celebrated this year on July 14, 2017. At the request of SEMA, this “holiday” has been marked each year since 2010 by a U.S. Senate Resolution recognizing that the “collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.” As in years past, a wide range of automotive events will be held to commemorate the occasion. As this annual event continues to grow worldwide, states, provinces, counties and cities are following suit with their own recognition. SEMA encourages participation throughout the month of July to honor the classics of the past and the future.

Check out the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) video PSA for tips on setting up your tribute. Please share it with your friends using the following link: https://youtu.be/Ks9VEWJ7A9A


  • ATTEND an official vehicle-inspired event

  • HOST your own gathering or club meeting

  • Promote a “HOLIDAY SALE” at your business

  • DRIVE your special ride, new or old, whatever the destination

Plan and submit your July event at no cost, locate a listing near you and more on the website: semasan.com/CCAD

Participating organizers will be awarded a copy of the Congressional resolution for display at each registered event.



Click here for the complete list of Legislative Action Alerts.



Steve Biggs’ 2008 Ferrari 599GTB is surrounded by worthy companions after one of the many drives taken with fellow Bozeman Car Guys. “The juxtaposition of an Italian sports car with hand-built American street rods shows just how diverse and fun our hobby is,” he says.

“Street rod cruises are an American institution. Who doesn't enjoy seeing a long line of these unique treasures rolling down the highway?” asks Steve Biggs of Bozeman, Montana. Biggs likes to think that our four-wheeled hobby is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by the whole family. “I'm happy to say that this is one interest my wife has embraced equally,” he explains. “She shares the same passion for the next drive that I do.” The pair are proud members of the Montana Street Rod Association (MSRA), informal members of the "Car Guys" in Bozeman and Northwest Region members of the Ferrari Club of America. Biggs says the Ferrari Club strongly promotes driving these wonderful cars rather than relegating them to “garage queen” status. “I admire the street rod hobby’s respect for automotive diversity. These vehicles are usually crafted one piece at a time through hard work and dedication. We truly enjoy our association with the MSRA and the Car Guys group.”

Steve had longed for years to be an active car hobbyist. His demanding career, family obligations and countless relocations had prevented him from participating. “I'd give anything to have my old column-shift '48 Buick Super back today,” he says. “Retirement gave me new-found free time and a chance to think about how to enjoy this hobby.” Biggs’s first inclination was to find an old '60s muscle car project and get to work. However, he felt that he lacked the equipment, garage space and “do-it-yourself” skillset. “So, I built a wooden kayak instead! It was great fun and a very satisfying creative expression,” Steve recalls. “However, it lacked the thrill that only horsepower, exhaust note, an open twisting road and G-forces could produce.”

Biggs could wait no longer to satisfy the car bug. “Faced with the clock ticking, wanting to include my wife in the fun and impatient to get going on the road, I bought my Ferrari dream car. Thankfully, the great people in the local auto clubs didn't hold the decision against me.” He believes that there are very few things in life that offer more fun than a cruise with his buddies through the mountains and valleys of Montana. “It just doesn't get any better than having Sunday breakfast and swapping stories with a bunch of like-minded people in their prized possessions on a bright sunny day.” Earlier this year, Steve wrote a letter to his lawmakers in support of the state’s single license plate proposal, which would benefit cars like his 599GTB. He was happy to respond when he received the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) Action Alert through fellow members of the MSRA. “I learned many years ago that most politicians, contrary to what it may seem, really do care what their constituents think and are sensitive to their views. Two lawmakers wrote back to express their support because they are car guys too and understood the need for the pending legislation. The more we participate in government, the more it will represent us.” Much to his delight, the bill was recently signed into law by Governor Steve Bullock.

Thanks for finding your way back to the car-crazed community and into the SAN force, Steve! Please continue to spread the good word with others about the joys of motoring.


Stay Up-to-Date on the RPM Act: Get the latest information on the motorsports bill at sema.org/epa-news.


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